Your FREE Backpacker’s Guide to a Working holiday in Australia

Thinking of taking a Working Holiday in Australia?

Australia really is a dream destination but unfortunately traveling in Oz doesn’t come cheap. A year’s working holiday in Australia gives young people the chance of lifetime to have an amazing year exploring the land Down Under, while also being able to work and make money to fund further travels, it’s the perfect way to soak up the laid back Aussie lifestyle, explore the country, make new friends and learn new skills without going broke!

Days of endless sunshine, spectacular natural beauty, unique wildlife, friendly locals and high wages are certainly enticing but if you think that moving your whole life half way around the world for a year (or more) to work, live and travel is a bit daunting then you are not the only one – it can sometimes feel like an imitating process and it’s hard to know where to start!

Learn from my experience in this new guide where I share all the essential information that you need along with my tips and lessons learned to help you on your way to an incredible year’s working holiday in Australia.

on the great ocean road beach during my working holiday in australia

The Backpacker’s Guide to a Working Holiday in Australia contains all you need to know about:

  • Why you should go to Australia, Where to go and what to do.
  • Backpacker city guides to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Cairns.
  • How to apply for a Working Holiday Visa and eligibility requirements.
  • How to prepare for a working holiday in Australia and how to sort out all the paperwork you need including setting up a bank account and tax file number and more.
  • How to travel Australia on a budget, from accommodation, to transport, eating, drinking, sightseeing and activities even including some tips on how you could travel Australia for free!
  • How to Find a Job in Australia, tips for job hunting, where to look and even how to make sure you find a job that allows you to save money.
  • How to get a 2nd year Working Holiday Visa and how to find regional work.
  • And also, find out the downsides of the Australia Working Holiday Scheme, that they don’t want to know about Australia.
  • Plus links to useful resources and how to proposed changes may effect you.

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