Learn how to travel forever and make money from anywhere with the Paradise Pack

Learn how to travel forever and make money from anywhere with the Paradise Pack

One of my aims when writing Global Gallivanting is not just to show you beautiful destinations and travel tips, one of my big passions is finding interesting and innovative ways that you can earn money while traveling and live a location independent lifestyle so that you can travel forever, experience new things, open your mind and do more of what you love.

I’ve written about my life as a travel blogger and freelance writer and how I afford to travel full time and have featured loads of other cool people who are working and living abroad and making money to support their travels in a huge variety of ways.

I’m aiming to write more about this when I have the time, as it’s my aim not just to inspire you to take a 2 week holiday, my aim is to show you how you can also quit your job, move abroad and travel forever whilst making money doing things that you love. So when I heard about the Paradise Pack I couldn’t wait to share the news with you.

Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer – but its even better if you can travel for free or get paid to travel!

What is the Paradise Pack

The Paradise Pack is a mega collection of hand-picked resources from top travel and location independent business experts. There are 21 life changing resources in the pack that include super detailed and useful guides, courses and programs designed to help you learn how to travel more (and spend less while doing it), start and run a location independent business, and create your dream lifestyle. 

These guides are written by experts who are living proof that you can travel as much as you want and earn money from anywhere in the world,  from a Thai island or just from home, and have the freedom to live the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. All the products are electronic and sent via email so you can access these tools easily from anywhere in the world. 

The 21 products in the Paradise Pack are worth over $2600 together but right now the Paradise Pack is on sale now for $197 that’s a whopping 90% off. The sale is only on once a year for 1 week only from May 30th – June 5th (11:59 PST) 2017 so if you’re serious about creating your dream travel and work lifestyle then don’t miss your chance.

What’s included in the Paradise Pack

There are 21 guides and courses in the Paradise Pack that cover a huge range of ways to start a location independent business that will give you the money and freedom to travel the world and live the lifestyle of your dreams including:

-Flight Hacking – learn how to get flights anywhere in the world for under $100

-Travel Writing Masterclass – Weather you want to be a travel blogger or see your travel writing featured in magazines this course by Travel Blog Success will give you the skills to become a travel writer.

-Get free accommodation – learn how to stay for free all around the world with Nat and Jodie, the world’s premier house sitters, in their House Sitting Summit package.

-Find the best destinations for digital nomads with Tim Leffel’s awesome book and video series ‘A Better Life For Half The Price’

-Start a location independent lifestyle business – even if you have no idea how to start Sean Ogle’s Beginner’ Guide to Starting a Lifestyle Business gives practical advice to help you get started.

-Teach English online – Learn how to start and run an online teaching (TESL) business.

-Become a Virtual Assistant – learn 4 core digital marketing support services and discover how to become a freelance virtual assistant.

-Become a Social Media Pro – Learn how to gain thousands of social media followers and become internet famous with the Social Media Rockstar Academy

-Not sure what business to start? – Chelsea Dinsmore’s 21 Days to Finding Your Passion will help you discover how to turn a passion into a ‘job’ that you will love.

-Work on a Cruise Ship – working on a cruise ship can be a great way to travel and make good money. Cruise Ship Jobs 101 will guide you to getting your dream cruise ship job.

-Learning Languages – Benny Lewis, who is fluent in 12 languages, teaches you how to speak another language in only 3 months.

– Learn how to create a profitable brand and business plan to monetize a blog or niche site with the Blog Branding Masterclass

And so much more! Find more details on the Paradise Pack website  

Just remember, the Paradise Pack is only available for 7 days from May 30th – June 5th (11:59 PST) 2017 and then it’s gone forever. (Well they do one each year but the products are different.) 

As well as helping you to build your dream lifestyle you’ll also help underprivileged children as 10% of the purchase will be donated to two organizations – Pencils of Promise (to help build schools for kids) and to the Travel Access Project (to help put a “Gap Year” on every resume). They have raised over $50K so far and built two schools through Pencils of Promise.

If you want to take advantage of this offer then it’s really simple and easy just go to the Paradise Pack website and everything is sent electronically.

There’s more to life than travel – but it’s a good place to start!

If you just want to become a travel blogger…

If you are set on becoming a professional travel blogger and making a living from travel blogging then I highly recommend the courses from Travel Blog Success.

I spent years blogging and not really getting anywhere, if Travel Blog Success was around when I started I imagine I would have been able to grow and monetize my blog so much quicker instead of learning the hard way. But you don’t need to make the same mistakes I made – if you want a fast track to success then check out Travel Blog Success. As well as the travel blogging course, you’ll also get access to a private travel bloggers Facebook group, opportunity board, webinars and more. You’ll get lifetime access so you can go at your own pace and there’s a 30 day money back guarantee.

Travel Blog Success

Travel Blog Success have a variety of courses, they also have a Videography for Bloggers course which I’ve just started so that I can start creating cool travel videos for my blog! There’s also courses on working with brands and tourism boards, affiliate marketing and freelance writing.

The Travel Writing for Bloggers course is also included in The Paradise Pack this year and many of the products in the Paradise Pack are also really useful  for travel bloggers, travel writers and indeed anyone who wants to work online and live a location independent lifestyle.

So what are you waiting for? If you’re serious about creating your dream travel and work lifestyle then the Paradise Pack and/or Travel Blog Success will help you get there much quicker than going it alone. Don’t miss your chance to get the Paradise Pack with 90% discount this week only and keep an eye out as Travel Blog Success also run sales occasionally. If I hear of a sale, I’ll let you know on my Facebook Page. 


Disclaimer: I’m genuinely excited about so many of the products in the Paradise Pack and the courses on Travel Blog Success and am passionate about helping others to also achieve the same lifestyle of travel and freedom as I have done. If you decide to purchase either products as well as helping to increase your own income, you also help to support other entrepreneurs and build schools in developing countries and I can also receive a small affiliate commission which helps to keep me on the road so thank you so much! I also would love to hear how you’ve changed your life and put what you’ve learned into practice so please contact me and let me know how you are doing!

Do you Live to Travel, or Travel to Live?

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  • Ifigenia says:

    This used to be an interesting travel blog — and used to be well written.

    • Anna says:

      Hi Ifigenia, thanks for letting me know and sorry that you feel this way. I did write this pretty quickly as I wanted to share the news that might help other people to create a location independent lifestyle so wanted to share it quickly as its a time sensitive deal. I hope you may find some of my other posts more useful in the future 🙂

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