Why Thailand is the perfect country for your first backpacking trip

Why Thailand is the perfect country for your first backpacking trip

Thailand, ‘the land of smiles’ is the place where many travellers and backpackers get their first taste of adventure and for good reason – backpacking Thailand is the perfect country for a first backpacking trip! 

Why? Well, as much as I love India it’s a challenging place to travel, especially the first time if you’re not an experienced traveller but backpacking Thailand is a totally different and much easier backpacking experience. Thailand is a place that simply has it all, its an exotic paradise filled with natural beauty, golden glittering temples, an intriguing culture, fiery cuisine, vibrant nightlife and some of the best beaches and islands in the world. And the best thing is that backpacking Thailand is super easy! 

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Another thing that makes Thailand perfect for travellers is the people themselves, the Thais are tolerant, hospitable and polite and make backpacking Thailand a breeze, even for the inexperienced traveller. I’ve been backpacking Thailand alone many times now and never had a problem and always made friends and travel buddies really easily. 

Many travellers start their Thailand adventure on Khao San Road in Bangkok which is probably the biggest mecca for backpackers in the whole world! Bangkok is filled with things to do and see and Khao San Road offers everything you could ever need for your travels, easy onward transport connections and is a great place to party and meet other backpackers.

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Sometimes the hardest thing about traveling in Thailand is deciding what to do next!

Once your ready to leave Bangkok the only problem is deciding on your next destination, do you go North to the jungles, mountains, hill tribes, temples, history and culture of Northern Thailand or do you head South and spend your days island hopping through picture postcard perfect tropical islands spending your days lazing in a hammock, exploring under the water or partying all night under the full moon on paradisaical islands like Koh Phangan! My advice is to go North first because if you go straight to the islands you might never want to leave and then you’d really be missing out on all the amazing adventures in North Thailand! 

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Luckily, getting around Thailand is easy due to the good tourist and backpacker facilities and affordable network of planes, trains, boats, buses and even tuk tuks that criss cross the country. You can even make all your travel arrangements and pre book trains, buses and ferries online before your trip at 12Go.asia but it’s also easy to go with the flow and arrange transport as you go – most hostels will help you with your onward travel plans. 

And visiting Thailand has so much more to offer than just temple, beach and bar hopping. Thailand also has a huge host of activities to keep you entertained from cooking classes, jungle trekking, Muay Thai training and courses in yoga, Thai massage, scuba diving, the list is endless – there are so many things to do while backpacking Thailand.

Yes, Thailand is popular and quite touristy – its def not off the beaten track but this is sometimes not really a bad thing especially if you are backpacking Thailand alone.  Because of Thailand’s popularity you’ll find Thailand has a safe, easy, fun and well worn backpacker trail with plenty of sleeping (check out the best backpacker hostels in Thailand recommended by travel bloggers), eating and drinking options to choice from for all budgets and tastes and even a taste of comfort food from home is possible if your feeling homesick. 

Often the people that you meet can make or break your trip and, due to Thailand’s popularity, it’s easy to meet other like minded travellers to enjoy your trip with and make memories and friendships that will probably last a lifetime. This means that Thailand is one of the best places to backpack alone – you’ll never be lonely for long here!

Backpacking Thailand with new friends

Backpacking Thailand is also very affordable and great value for money. It’s not such a bargain as it used to be but you can still enjoy Thailand even on a budget. I spent about 1500 Baht a day, (thats about £34/ $50 ) but you could easily spend alot less. Click here for a breakdown of my average daily backpacker budget for Thailand.

So what are you waiting for? It couldn’t be easier to see and enjoy this incredible country. Thailand is an easy, affordable, popular and yet still exotic destination packed with stunning sights and amazing experiences that is simply perfect for your first backpacking trip.

Thousands of people visit Thailand every year for their first big overseas trip and then go onto discover the rest of Southeast Asia and beyond with their new found levels of self confidence and burgeoning sense of adventure once they have been bitten by the travel bug!

Where was your first backpacking trip? Do you think Thailand is a good place to start? 

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