5 Things to do when Planning a Trip to the United States

5 Things to do when Planning a Trip to the United States

There is lots to do when you are excitedly planning your trip to the USA. Along with booking flights, hotels and car hire it’s also important to remember that you also might need to apply for an EVUS. You can do your EVUS enrollment online This new American EVUS is a new automated online visa update system which started on November 29, 2016. Initially, the EVUS travel authorization required for Chinese nationals holding a 10-year B1 or B2 visa as an extra security measure to determine eligibility to travel to the United States but it is expected that it will also become a requirement for other nationalities.

Holders of a 10-year U.S. Visitor Visa, Class B1, B2 or a B1/B2 visa, are required to enroll with EVUS and update their personal (biographical) information before traveling to the United States. A valid EVUS travel authorization is different from a B1, B2, or a combined B1/B2 US visa. It is also a separate process from a nonimmigrant visa application, although they complement each other. A successful EVUS application, or enrollment, is valid for multiple trips over 2 years (from the date of enrollment) or until the Passport or Visa expires (whichever comes first.)

Afterward you’ve got your EVUS you are probably wondering what you need to do now. Planning a trip to the United States, whether for business or pleasure can be a stressful experience but visiting the land of opportunity doesn’t need to be difficult.


Things to do after getting your EVUS

  • Print Out Everything – You should print out everything, including all of your travel plans and your accommodation. This will help you get through the border quickly and the visa officers are often required to take this information. Having everything printed will also help you get everywhere and can help you find your hotel.


  • Book your Flights – After you have your EVUS, you should arrange your travel. Get your flights as soon as possible. Flight tickets increase in price closer to the date of travel. Get flights that requires as few connections as possible, it will save you time and will be a much more comfortable journey. There are many flight booking tools which can help you find the cheapest flight and will help you book it.


  • Plan your Travel Arrangements – Don’t just think about your flights but also think about how your will get to your hotel or where you are staying. Sometimes you might need to book a transfer from the airport to where you are going or book car hire if you’re planning on taking a road trip through America. Make sure you keep on mind the time of day you will be arriving at the airport. Travel in the night and early morning can be difficult in some places.


  • Keep hydrated on your flight – This is an important tip to keep your trip comfortable. Stay hydrated as much as possible. Drink water at any possible opportunity. Airplanes dehydrate you which will make you feeling ill and uncomfortable over time. If you aren’t offered a drink during your flight you can simply ask your hostess for some water.


A trip to the United States is the trip of a lifetime. To make the most out of your trip, follow these tips to ensure that you have a stress free trip to the USA. Following these tips will allow you to have an excellent time in the USA.

Doing an EVUS application is easy but you should make sure that you have one before you travel to the USA. Travelling to the USA without an EVUS authorization means that you risk being denied entry at the border. Make sure you plan everything and print everything.


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