A Traveller’s Guide to sending and receiving gifts in Australia

A Traveller’s Guide to sending and receiving gifts in Australia

When you’ve been travelling for a while, be it weeks, months or years, it’s nice to receive presents from home and also to send back presents and souvenirs to loved ones that you miss at home.

Whether you’ve been craving your favourite chocolate, a certain brand of tea bags or forgot to post your mum a birthday card and need it to arrive ASAP, sending and receiving gifts in Australia is easier than you think. To take away the worries that come with sending special presents and personal items of sentimental value overseas.

Here’s a traveller’s guide to shipping to and from Australia:

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Sending gifts to Australia

Often when you’re travelling for a long period of time you’ll really want to be able to contact home. Whether that’s by sending people birthday presents or letters and cards the prospect of anything special going missing can be scary. To ensure that your gifts make it the whole 9,500 miles home to Britain its essential to package things properly and clearly write on the address. Sending things out of Australia is relatively straight forward and pretty easy to do when you know how although it can be quite costly, check out the rules and regulations here.

Receiving gifts in Australia

The folks at home may also feel nervous about the prospect of shipping to Australia and will probably need a few hints and tips. It’s a great idea to tell them about the service offered by Parcel2go, which works with some of the biggest and best couriers in the world to ensure your parcel makes the big journey successfully and for an amazing price. By using a courier service you’ll be able to guarantee the best priced shipping, and be safe in the knowledge that your parcel is in good hands to arrive safely in a good condition.

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Remember to warn friends and family that Australia has quite strict custom rules. Things like soil, plants and certain leather goods are prohibited so, it’s always best to do some research before posting anything just to be on the safe side. Certain chemicals and precious stones also have quite strict regulations so checking out the Australian government’s rules is advisable.

Keeping in contact with loved ones is now easier than ever with so, many different means of communication from Skype to Facetime and WhatsApp making it so simple but, sending or receiving a gift is extra special. By following this easy guide you’ll be able to surprise the ones you miss the most with some Aussie surprises.

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