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What to Pack for a Yoga Retreat: My Yoga Retreat Packing List

Wondering what to pack for a Yoga Retreat Abroad? Here’s my Yoga Retreat Packing List If you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice, or simply want to take some time away to reconnect with yourself, a yoga retreat is the perfect break. As always, careful packing is key to an......

My Pick of The 5 Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka for 2023

My Pick of The 5 Best Yoga Retreats in Sri Lanka for 2023 Whilst India is the birthplace of yoga, making one of the best places in the world to learn yoga. But the small neighbouring island nation of Sri Lanka is arguably an even better place for a serene......

My Travel Tips for Mexico in 2021 during Covid

What to expect when traveling to Mexico in 2021 Traveling is more difficult and complicated these days but it is still possible, and Mexico is your best bet so, after spending a month in Mexico, I wanted to share my travel tips for Mexico in 2021 and beyond. Why Mexico?......

My Experience Backpacking Mexico Solo in 2021

Hola from Mexico! There’s alot of confusion and controversy about traveling these days and I’ve had so many questions I thought it was about time I wrote about what it’s like backpacking Mexico solo in 2021. Mexico is literally the only country that has been consistently open to travellers, tourists......

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