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The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Europe for 2023

Nowhere else on the planet has so much rich culture, history, food and scenery so close together as Europe. This diversity makes it ones of the most exciting destinations on the planet and there’s also many amazing places to do yoga teacher training in Europe. If you’re considering doing yoga......

My Pick of The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Costa Rica for 2023

Costa Rica is truly an amazing country and one of the best places to do yoga teacher training abroad. Here you can immerse yourself in your yoga practice surrounded by soothing and healing nature. The jungles and beaches offer an amazing and diverse range of yoga retreats and, for those......

My Pick of the 6 Best Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico (2023)

With over 10,000 kilometres of azure coastlines, warm weather, unique food, stunning historical architecture and a magical, spiritual culture and traditions it’s no wonder Mexico is fast becoming a world-renowned yoga hot spot and one of the best places to do yoga teacher training overseas. The jungles and beaches offer......

8 Online Yoga Teacher Training Courses (YTTC) you can do at Home!

Life for so many of us has changed suddenly due to Covid-19. With over half the world’s population in lockdown traveling to somewhere exotic like Rishikesh or Bali to do a yoga teacher training course abroad is practically impossible at the moment, but did you know that it is now......

A Guide To Yoga Teacher Training in India for 2023

As a deeply spiritual country and the birthplace of yoga, India is a dream destination for most yogis looking to do yoga teacher training abroad and it’s no secret that you’ll find the most affordable and authentic yoga teacher training in India. Whether you’re thinking of changing your career and......

Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand 2024 Guide: Best Courses & Tips

Whether you’re embarking on a new career path as a yoga instructor, or you just want to deepen your personal yoga practice, learn about yogic philosophy or simply find out more about yourself, joining a yoga teacher training in Thailand (YTT) is well worth considering. Yes, India and Bali have......

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