Introducing Yonderbound: Now you can get rewarded for your travel reviews?

How about getting rewarded for your travel reviews and knowledge?

I travel a lot so sometimes I sit down and spend most of the day writing reviews on the hotels I’ve stayed in and places I’ve been on Trip Advisor, Hostelworld, Agoda, …… the list goes on. I know that sharing my knowledge and reviews helps other travelers and helps to promote the hotels I’ve stayed in but sometimes this takes me all day! So when I heard about Yonderbound – the world;s first travel knowledge monetization platform I wanted to know more…

Wouldn’t it be great if I could get rewarded for my travel reviews? Well, now you can! I recently discovered Yonderbound and I’m really excited about it. It’s a new platform and booking engine that actually rewards travelers for their knowledge and reviews! At last!

rethymno lane flowers

The cute old lanes of Rethymno’s old town in Crete, Greece

So What is Yonderbound?

Yonderbound is the first travel knowledge monetization platform! Unlike sites like Trip Advisor where travellers share their knowledge for free (and the site makes money)  Yonderbound gives you back a percentage of the net revenue that your travel knowledge helps to produce because it is also a hotel-booking engine featuring almost 400,000 accommodation options around the world for all budgets. Watch this video for more details on the Yonderbound concept. yonderbound get paid for your travel reviews

How do you use Yonderbound?

The awesome thing about Yonderbound is that you can use it both to leave reviews and recommendations (and get rewarded from it!) and also to check out other travelers reviews and to book hotels for your next trip.

After living in Goa for a while I often get asked to recommend accommodation so after discovering Yonderbound I thought this would be the perfect time to make a Yonderbox – it makes it easy for people to check out and book hotels that I recommend and I earn Yonder credits for my efforts!

On Anjuna Beach, after living here for a few months I'm often asked for hotel recommendations - now with Yonderbound this makes it easy and rewarding!

On Anjuna Beach, after living here for a few months I’m often asked for hotel recommendations – now with Yonderbound this makes it easy and rewarding!

What is a Yonderbox?

A Yonderbox is like a personal scrapbook of trip ideas or a collection of recommended hotels. You can use it to shortlist hotels when trip planning and also to share your recommendations and reviews. Yonderboxes are a bit like Pinterest for hotels. You can have fun checking out Yonderboxes for the best hotel pools around the world or Bangkok hotels with rooftop bars. 

If your Yonderboxes inspires others to book the hotels you recommend then you gain credits. So I created a Yonderbox for Goa. In my Yonderbox you can find all my recommendations and reviews in one place, grouped by a theme – Affordable Hotels near Anjuna in North Goa. You add hotels to your YonderBox and Yonderbound displays the facilities, prices, photos, Trip Advisor reviews and location of the hotels I choose and I can add my own reviews and notes. I can share the link of Facebook or Email and earn a commission if people decide to book their stay based on my recommendations.

goa younderbox

In my Yonderbox you will find the best mid range and luxury options but sadly a lot of the cheap beach huts and budget family owned guest houses are not yet on Yonderbound, but with these places it’s often not necessary to book and you can just turn up on the day.

Trip Planning and Booking Hotels on Yonderbound

I’m also planning some trips around Europe over the Summer so as well as creating my Yonderboxes for my reviews I’ve also been planning my trips with Yonderbound.

It’s really easy to search and book hotels on Yonderbound. Just search for where you want to go and enter your dates. Then you can either look in grid view or map view if you want to pick your hotel by location. Yonderbound also shows the Trip Advisor rating for the hotel and you can sort and order your results by location, price or trip advisor rating.

So, my first stop in Europe will be a long weekend in Rome. Let’s find a hotel. yonderbound rome

I also like how you can apply the filter (I always use the price filter so I don’t get distracted by anything out of my budget!) You can also filter by facilities and I love the freebies part – free Wifi = essential! I’m only in Rome for a long weekend so I want to be as close to the action as I can, so by viewing the search results on the map I can see which hotels are closest to the attractions that I want to visit and where they are in relation to important places like train stations.

rome yonderbound map

So here I’ve searched for the top rated, budget hotels under £100 with free Wifi in Rome. I fancy a view of the Vatican so drilled in to number 4 and checked out the hotels and trip advisor reviews and added ones that I liked the look of into a Yonderbox for my Long Weekend in Rome.

I also had a quick look at the cheapest rooms in case money is tight and found some nice campsites and cheap B&Bs and apartments. But I was a bit disappointed that I didn’t find any hostels. Here’s my Yonderbox for Rome.

rome yonderbox

So now I’ve got a variety of options in my Yonderbox for Rome I can share it either on Facebook or by email to my travel partner and see which one they want to book. Yonderbound is also a social platform so please follow me and see my latest recommendations as I add more Yonderboxes.

So how do you make money from your reviews with Yonderbound?

By making Yonderboxes and adding and reviewing your favourite hotels you are helping others plan their travels. If they book a hotel through Yonderbound then you make a commission and earn Yonder Credits that you can use for your next hotel booking! You get 70% of the net revenue for any booking generated via your Yonderboxes as a credit that can be used on any property-booking site wide.

So, you don’t actually get money but using credit to book a hotel gives you a free stay and saving money is just as good as making it! Of course the more Yonderboxes you make and reviews you leave the more likely you are to make a sweet commission and earn yourself a free stay!

hampi hammock (1 of 1)

My Review of Younderbound

The Pros

I really liked using Yonderbound, the search interface is easy to use and the way that the hotels are displayed looks great. Yonderbound feels a bit like Pinterest actually as it’s really easy to click on the little heart button and save hotels into a Younderbox and come back to it later, and of course the added bonus is that someone else might book one of the hotels through your Yonderbox and you’ll earn a credit towards your next booking!

Yonderbound makes it easy to review and book hotels and create and share Yonderboxes. I liked how I could filter my search by price, facilities and Trip Advisor rating helping me to save time and get to the most suitable hotel for my location, needs and budget as quickly as possible. Having Trip Advisor reviews clearly displayed on Yonderbound was really helpful too and I also found the prices on Yonderbound to be very competitive and liked that there were no nasty surprises or hidden costs.

red lanterns

Red lanterns in old Penang, Malaysia

The Cons

The only downside is that (probably as Yonderbound is still quite new) they don’t yet have all the accommodation options, there is a good variety of budget hotels, resorts, apartment rentals and luxury hotels in popular places like Europe but for more off the beaten track destinations sometimes there was not a huge choice.

I also found that in places like India and South East Asia many of the budget guesthouses and beach huts weren’t listed, but then they are often not found on other booking engines either, and if you want the cheapest room in town you often won’t find that on the internet anyway so its better to just chance it and show up.

beach huts

Cheap and cheerful beach huts in Goa – sadly most of these aren’t available to book online you have to just show up

Above all I love it how finally there is a concept and a platform where users get rewarded for their knowledge and reviews! Call me selfish but after spending all day reviewing hotels on Trip Advisor for no reward earning Yonderbound credits will certainly incentivise me to leave my reviews more often plus it’s a joy to use!

Have $10 Free Yonderbound Credit

If you feel the same then you should check out Yonderbound. Follow me and I’ll follow you back – let’s start getting rewarding for sharing our travel knowledge. To help you get started I have a free $10 credit towards your first stay!  300x250_a

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Yonderbound but all views and opinions are my own.

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