Hipmunk Hotels: 5 Offbeat Cities worth Visiting in America’s Deep South

OffBeat Places to Visit in America’s Deep South

The United States offers unlimited scope for adventure and exploration, but the country is so widespread that you can’t expect to see and do everything in one trip. Instead, why not focus on exploring one region in depth and going off the beaten track to explore lesser known towns, allowing for better insight into the real USA beyond the tourist cliches.

The Deep South is one of America’s most beguiling regions that consists of states like Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Kentucky, and Louisiana. There aren’t many places in the country that match the charm, character, and quirkiness of the Deep South. This is a region famous for its music, food, rich legacy in politics and culture, fascinating history, evocative cities and wildlife-heavy wetlands. Of course, there’s that famous Southern charm and hospitality that will really make your trip in the Deep South unforgettable.

Some of the highlights of a trip to the Deep South include exotic and colorful New Orleans; the Elvis mecca of Memphis; Nashville, famous for country music and Jack Daniels; groovy Charleston, sultry Savannah, and cosmopolitan Atlanta.

But venture a bit farther off the beaten track and discover even more with the 5 offbeat cities that are worth visiting in America’s Deep South:

Sanibel, Florida

Sanibel Island, not far from Fort Myers, is a slice of tranquility on this gorgeous stretch of the Florida coast. Even though this is a picturesque and popular spot with many hotels and resorts to choose from, Sanibel Island has been carefully preserved, and the biggest attraction here is the island’s unspoiled natural beauty. Apart from enjoying the nature and relaxing, visit the J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge, explore by kayak, and visit the romantic Sanibel Lighthouse.

Huntsville, Alabama

Huntsville, the fourth largest city in Alabama, is rich in history, technology, and attractions. Huntsville is most famous for being the birthplace of America’s space program, and many museums and cultural attractions, including the U.S. Space & Rocket Center and Alabama Constitution Village, North Alabama Railroad Museum, Monte Sano State Park, and the Twickenham Historic District. Huntsville also offers many affordable accommodations, which are great for families on a budget.

Norcross, Georgia

Visiting historic Norcross in Georgia is like stepping back in time. Norcross is a unique place where old-fashioned streets are filled with quirky and fun antique shops. Norcross is a hip, eclectic town full of art, food, and music. In the summer, there are free outdoor concerts in Thrasher Park and the BluesBerry Festival. There’s also the annual Art Fest in October. Norcross is only 25 minutes from Georgia’s capital, Atlanta, and has many affordable hotels.  

Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville is the largest city in Kentucky and a popular destination in spring when it hosts the famous Kentucky Derby horse race. Prices for hotels in Louisville are expensive during Derby time. Visit Louisville at other times of the year, and you will find more reasonable prices and many things to see in this vibrant city, including the Kentucky Derby Museum, the Louisville Science Center, the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory, and the 6,000-acre Jefferson Memorial Forest.

Biloxi, Mississippi

Biloxi, on the gulf coast of Mississippi, is known for its many casinos, and a vibrant nightlife and gaming industry. There are many casino hotel resorts in Biloxi for a taste of the high life as well as art galleries, museums, and beaches, so there is something for everyone.


This is just the start, there is so much more to explore in America’s Deep South. Have you been to any more offbeat cities that are worth a visit?

By the way: This post was sponsored by Hipmunk but all views and opinions are my own. 

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