India Travel Tips

India Travel Tips

In my opinion India is the most exotic, captivating and life changing travel destination there is. But traveling in India, espcially for the first time, can be a little overwhelming. I’ve been traveling around India for more than 5 years and am now living in Goa. Over the years I’ve visited many, many parts of this amazing country and written many, many India travel tips and India travel guides to help others explore this mesmerising country.

Here are all my best India travel tips in one easy place. If you’ve still got questions about traveling in India or if there’s something I’ve missed out send me an email – I might even write a blog post about it!

At the Golden Temple in Amritsar

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Essential India Travel Tips

My ultimate India itinerary and backpacking route

The complete list of all the best India group tours that I can recommend 

The complete step by step guide to planning your first trip to India

FAQs and Tips for planning to travel in India

10 India travel tips to make your first time traveling in India easier

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Typical costs and budget tips for backpacking India

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Sunset at Orchha in Madhya Pradesh

Visas for India 

How to get a visa on arrival or E tourist visa for India

How to apply for an Indian Visa (for UK citizens)

How to apply for an Indian Visa (for USA citizens)

How to apply for an Indian Visa (for Canadians)

How to apply for an Indian Visa from Bali

India Travel Guides and Best Places to visit in India

See all my India travel guides for the most popular destinations in India here

Top 5 absolute best places to visit in India

30 Incredible experiences you can only have in India

India for beginners – why Kerala is the perfect introduction to India

Best places to visit in Madhya Pradesh

Best places to visit in Tamil Nadu 

Best places to visit in Kerala

How to enjoy the Kerala Backwaters on a budget

Auroville – A Utopian community in South India

Volunteering in Auroville

Does visiting the Taj Mahal live up to the hype?

16 photos that show why Mysore’s Devaraja market is a photographers paradise 

20 photos that show why Amritsar’s Golden Temple is better than the Taj Mahal

13 photos that will inspire you to visit the Tibetan monasteries of Bir Billing, Himachal Pradesh

The time I attended a wedding anniversary party in rural India

Thank you India – Life lessons learned from traveling India

Goa Travel Tips

I’ve lived in Goa for more than 3 years now. All my posts with my Goa travel tips are here

Tips for North East India

8 Reasons why North East India should be on your bucket list

10 Amazing, off beat places to visit in North East India

Escaping it all in the remote tribal lands of North East India

Tips for traveling in North East India

Why you should skip Tibet and visit Tawang instead

My review of traveling with Holiday Scout  – the best NorthEast India tour

Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Pradesh, North East India

More India Travel Tips

5 festivals in India you must experience 

7 of the most incredible spiritual places to visit in India

How I got scammed in Delhi 

How to avoid the scams and survive your first time in Delhi 

How taking a Dharavi slum tour changed my perceptions of poverty

Tips for riding a motorbike in India (and surviving to tell the tale!)

How to get a local SIM card in India

The easiest way to get online anywhere while traveling in India

The reality of being a digital nomad in Goa

The pros and cons of visiting Goa in monsoon

Where to travel in July and August to avoid the worst of the monsoon in India

My review of traveling with India Someday – bespoke India trip planners

What does India’s demonetization mean for tourists (and tips to help you cope)

Should you use a hand pulled rickshaw in Calcutta?

How to teach English and India (and get paid for it) 

Arambol Beach

Goa Travel Tips

I’ve lived in Goa for more than 3 years now. All my posts with my Goa travel tips are here

Best Places to Stay in India

The ultimate list of the best backpacker hostels in India

10 Reasons to stay at a homestay in India

12 Best Heritage Hotels in India

The ultimate list of the best places to stay in Goa 

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Sunset over romantic Udaipur in Rajasthan

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