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Anna in the Yarra Valley, Australia

Anna in the Yarra Valley, Australia

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Travel Tips: I’d love to hear from you whether it is to help you plan your travels, answer any queries or just to say hi!  I was getting a lot of emails with similar questions about planning to travel in India so I wrote articles to answer the most common queries and put all my top tips and answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) in this handy post –  perhaps you will find the answers to your question there. You can also use the search button on the sidebar to see if I’ve got a blog post that answers your question. If not, email me and I’ll try to help or maybe even write a post to answer your travel queries. 🙂 

Guest Posts: I generally don’t take guest posts as I prefer my blog to be about my personal experiences and advice. However, I do have an interview series with digital nomads or people who are working or volunteering abroad. If you think your experiences can help to inspire and educate others on how to make money while traveling then get in touch and tell me more about yourself and include a link to your blog so I can check out your writing style.

Work With Me: If you are looking for a freelance travel writer or want to discuss working in partnership with Global Gallivanting to promote your travel related business you can also see more information about my readership demographics, the services I offer and previous partnerships on my Advertising, Media and PR page.  I’d be excited to hear from you and discuss you campaign so contact me via email for an up to date media kit and quote. 

Please contact me on anna {at} global-gallivanting {dot} com and I will try to get back to you as soon as possible! 

Please DO NOT contact me asking for guest posts without including a link to your blog or for sponsored posts asking for ‘do follow‘ links as these are against Google’s guidelines and harms my website. All emails of this nature will be ignored so please don’t keep following up – the answer is still NO! 

Whilst I love to hear from you and help with your queries I do respond personally to all emails and offer detailed advice. As I receive alot of emails every day it takes considerable time (hours each day) to respond to these, not the mention the time and expense it costs to maintain this site. If you have found my blog helpful I would really appreciate it if you can donate a small amount towards keeping me on the road. Thank you! 🙂 

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Thank you, I look forward to hearing from you!

Anna dressing up in a sari as part of the Kerala Blog Express working with Kerala Tourism to promote travel to Kerala, India

Anna dressing up in a sari as part of the Kerala Blog Express working with Kerala Tourism to promote travel to Kerala, India