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The Top 5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Singapore

The Top 5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Singapore Singapore is one of the most multicultural countries in Southeast Asia. It boasts futuristic and distinctive buildings that gives the entire city a unique charm that’s so drastically different from its neighbors. Singapore is much more modern, organised and clean – its......

24 Hours in Singapore: A Perfect Introduction to Asia

24 Hours in Singapore! My ideal itinerary for seeing the best of Singapore in only 1 day Many people start their travels in South East Asia in Bangkok, and whilst the Thai capital is cheap with plenty to explore and is a great place for backpackers to meet other travellers,......

Backpacking Singapore: Money Saving Tips & 25 Free Things To Do

How to Save Money when Backpacking Singapore South East Asia is one of the world’s cheapest regions for backpacking, but with one exception – Singapore. Singapore is not a budget destination, it’s actually also one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it’s still worth at least a few......

The Island Metropolis of Singapore

Guest Post by DrFumblefinger Except for the stifling humidity, steamy heat and admixture of tropical rain-forest, Singapore will remind you more of Chicago or New York than most Asian cities.  Its skyline is as packed with modern skyscrapers as its roads are with cars and scooters. This small island nation (actually comprised of 63 islands but with one main......

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