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Hi I’m Anna

Welcome to Global Gallivanting – my travel blog dedicated to sharing helpful travel guides and real experiences from some of the most beautiful places around the world.

I’ve been traveling full time since 2013. I love to travel slowly and write useful, in-depth travel itineraries and guides to help you plan your own adventures. I hope you find my blog posts both inspiring and helpful.

If you want to know more about my story, start here…

My Favorite Destinations

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and spiritual travel

I love visiting temples and spiritual places, and I got hooked on yoga during my first time traveling in India.

Since then I have stayed at many ashrams and yoga retreats, and completed my yoga teacher training in India and Bali.

If you want to combine yoga and traveling, take a look at my blog posts which are full of tips and recommendations for the best yoga schools and retreats around the world.

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