Incredible India

India is so much more than the Taj Mahal, chaotic cities, spicy curries, colourful saris and wandering cows.

From desert forts, to opulent palaces, to ancient temples. From the mighty Himalayas to tropical beaches and backwaters, nowhere else contains such amazing diversity, history and culture. You could travel India for a lifetime and still not see it all!

For many, India is the epitome of transformational travel – it’s one of the last remaining places on earth that you can still get a real dose of culture shock and learn something new about yourself and life.

Whether you travel to India to find yourself in the Himalayas, do yoga teacher training, or just to marvel in the fascinating culture – you’ll never be the same again after a trip to India!

This massive country really is one of the most incredible destinations in the world. Traveling in India can be challenging, but it’s also fascinating and rewarding. The more prepared you are for your first trip to India – the better experience you will have.

I’ve been living in Goa and traveling India for over 10 years and Global Gallivanting is one of the best India travel blogs out there. I’ve written many India travel guides and tips for traveling in India to help you prepare for your adventure of a lifetime!

The Ultimate India Itinerary

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