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In 2013 I went backpacking around India for the first time. I was so moved and inspired by what I explored and experienced that I started a travel blog to share my experiences of this amazing country.  Little did I know back then that travel blogging and freelance writing would help to fund my adventures and that I would end up living in Goa!

Over the years I have travelled to SO many places in India and written hundreds of India travel blogs, guides, and travel tips to help others experience the magic of India. I’ve also got a whole section on Goa – see all my Goa blogs here.

In my opinion, India is the most captivating and life-changing travel destination there is, however it can also be challenging and a culture shock, especially for women or first timers. Traveling in India takes more preparation than somewhere like Thailand or Bali.

India Travel Tips by Anna Phipps
At the Golden Temple in Amritsar

My first experiences of India were the most eye-opening and transformative and my earliest India blogs and stories capture the wonder and often overwhelming feelings of that first trip to India. Later on I started writing more travel guides and tips to help out others who were planning their own trips.

India has modernised and changed a lot in the last 10 years (and so have I!) but newcomers still experience the culture shock, so I think it’s useful for first time travelers to read about these experiences so they know what to expect and can have a smoother first trip than I did!

So I’ve collated all my best India travel blogs, guides, tips, stories and journals on this page to make it easier for you to find what you need. I hope you enjoy reading them and find them useful for planning your own Indian adventures.

India Travel Tips

If you’re thinking of traveling to India these essential travel tips will help you to plan your trip, know the best places to go and things to do and stay safe while traveling in India.

india bucket list experiences

India Travel Blogs

I’ve blogged about much of my travels in India, hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about my experiences and get some useful tips for your own adventures.

Sunset at Orchha in Madhya Pradesh
Sunset at Orchha in Madhya Pradesh

India Travel Guides

Throughout my time traveling around India I’ve returned again and again to some of the my favourite places and written guides to many of India’s best destinations that I know really well:

Celebrating the Aoling festival with one of the headhunters
Celebrating the Aoling festival with one of the headhunters

North East India Blogs

North East India is a remote and relatively undiscovered destination with stunning and wild natural beauty, tribal people and wildlife. It’s very different from the rest of India and I’ve been lucky enough to visit twice.

Photo Essays

anna at taj mahal in the morning on first trip to india
At the Taj Mahal early on a misty winter morning

Stories and Journals from my First Trip to India

My first experiences of India in 2013 were the most eye opening and transformative and my earliest blogs, stories and journals capture the wonder and often overwhelming feelings of that first trip to India.

Now the internet is dominated with ai writing and seo optimised pages these first travel blogs have become buried but are still some of my favourites so I don’t want to erase my memories and India travel stories with generic seo content.

If you’re interested in a raw, authentic and honest account of what backpacking India on a budget was really like in those days all my posts are below:

Arambol Beach, Goa

Guides for Getting a Visa for India

The boring by essential stuff! Nearly everyone needs to get an Indian visa before traveling which can often be confusing and frustrating so I wrote these guide to help you apply for your visa for India.

I hope my blog inspires you and helps you to prepare for the amazing adventure that is traveling in India.

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