The Best Hotels and Places to Stay in Hampi (for all budgets)

The Best Hotels and Places to Stay in Hampi (for all budgets)

Hampi is, without a doubt, one of India’s most incredible places and one of my favourite places in all of India! I love the magical boulder strewn landscape, the enigmatic temples and ruins, the gently spinning coracle boats and even the cute, super chilled huts on ‘Hippie Island!’

Where you stay in Hampi will have a big impact on the type of experience you have – whether you want to stay right next to the temples, in the beautiful nature or maybe you prefer a bit more luxury. I’ve been lucky enough to experience all these sides of Hampi so to help you get the most out of your Hampi trip I thought I’d put together a quick post on the best hotels and places to stay in Hampi.

Reasons to visit Hampi

The moment you enter Hampi, you are taken centuries back in time instantly. It’s a magical transformation that is simply unforgettable. A reminiscent of an era long lost when magnificent palaces and temples adorned the ancient Kishkinda region which even finds mentions in the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, as the birthplace of the monkey god Hanuman. (Read more about that here)

Hampi today is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is laden with jewels including natural and historical wonders. As the mighty Tungabhadra river makes its way through the landscape, it witnesses the gigantic boulders and the ruins of an ancient city. A metropolis that was the crowning glory of the Vijayanagara empire of which it was the capital. The wealthy and powerful empire ruled most of Southern India and was apparently the world’s second largest medieval era city (after Beijing)

Exploring the Lotus Mahal in Hampi

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Where to stay in Hampi

Think carefully about where you want to stay in Hampi as it will have a big impact on your experience and the best places to stay in Hampi for you will depend on the sort of experience you want to have. There are two main areas where you can find places to stay in Hampi: you can stay either amidst the green fields across the river, the region being known as the ‘Hippie Island’ or there are homestays, guest houses and budget hotels in Hampi Bazaar near the famous Virupaksha temple, which is still in use today.

I used to love the energy of the village around the temple but due to the UNESCO listing of the ancient site the government have demolished many of the buildings in the Hampi bazaar area which included guesthouses, shops, and hotels too. (Read more about why Hampi Bazaar is being demolished here.) There’s still a couple of guesthouses there but their future is uncertain. However, newer and more upmarket hotels have now been built further away from the protected monuments and a ‘New Hampi’ village is being built.

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If you enjoy the tranquility that a serene natural environment brings, the best place to stay in Hampi is Hippie Island. I would highly recommend staying in a basic but beautiful hut amidst the emerald green rice fields of the Hippie Island to experience Hampi’s natural beauty at its very best. What’s more, you’ll find great huts to stay in for really cheap prices, many with cafes with views over the river and there’s classes in things like yoga, massage and jewellery making available too!

If you’d like a flavor of the local life, the Hampi Bazaar area will be the best place to stay in Hampi for you. You’ll be close to the temples and other ruins and can also then avoid having to cross the river via boat. Most of the hotels in these areas are quite basic though, so if you prefer a more luxurious stay look at the hotels a little further away – you can always hop in an autorickshaw (tuk tuk) to visit the sights.

As you can see, it is really important to give consideration to the area you’ll be staying in, for this will certainly have an impact on your overall Hampi adventure and of course your travel budget. Hampi is just a short trip from where I live in Goa so I’ve been a couple of times now. So let me take you through my pick of the best places to stay in Hampi to help you decide. Whichever option you choose to go with, you are bound to be held spellbound by the infinite charms of Hampi.

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Here is my pick of the 5 best hotels and places to stay in Hampi

Backpacker: Gopi Guest House, Hampi Bazaar

There aren’t any backpacker hostels in Hampi but most of the guesthouses in Hampi Bazaar and on Hippie Island attract backpackers and budget travellers anyway. One of the best places to stay in Hampi Bazaar is Gopi Guest House which is just a few minutes walk from the iconic Virupaksha temple in Hampi.  After checking in, enjoy the laid-back atmosphere and head straight to the amazing roof-top restaurant with views of the temple, river and sunset. The rooms are basic but decent and have fans and attached bathrooms. This is one of the best budget hotels in Hampi Bazaar in my opinion. Click here to see prices, reviews and to book! 


Budget: Nargila Guest House, Hippie Island

My favourite area to stay in Hampi is on Hippie Island where you can really chill out amongst the gorgeous green paddy fields and surreal boulder strewn landscapes. Nargila is one of the best places to stay in Hampi because of it’s cute, colourful and affordable huts and relaxed multi cuisine restaurant with views over the river back to the temple. Rooms are basic but my favourite part is the swing beds outside – perfect for chilling which is what Hippie Island is all about really. It’s also just a short walk to the boat that crosses the river to Hampi Bazaar.  Click here to see prices, reviews and to book! 

To really get immersed in the amazing nature of Hampi there are even some campsites across the river. Nature Stay, near the reservoir, is one where you don’t even have to bring your own tent!


Midrange: Hotel Clarks Inn, Kamalapur (Opposite ASI Museum) Hampi

Amongst all the hotels in Hampi, this one holds a special place considering its location in Kamalapur (the nearest village to Hampi) right opposite the Archaeological Survey of India museum which holds some of the most remarkable archaeological findings from the region. You can enjoy your stay in the well-appointed rooms with private bathrooms and modern amenities and there’s even an indoor swimming pool. The staff are very courteous and will be a valuable support and resource throughout your stay and it’s only a short rickshaw ride to the temples. This is one of the best places to stay in Hampi if you want a comfortable stay and a cool swimming pool to refresh in after a hot day touring the temples without breaking the budget. Click here to see prices, reviews and to book! 


Heritage: Heritage Resort Hampi, 6 km from Hampi ruins

OK, it’s not really a historic heritage hotel but it is still one of the best places to stay in Hampi. This beautiful and spacious resort features Vijayanagara-inspired architecture, sculptures and colonnaded galleries as well as an organic farm and lush, fragrant gardens.  There’s a lovely outdoor swimming pool area as well as a spa and wellness center. Villas are comfortable and well equipped, some even have jacuzzi baths or private pools!  The restaurant serves up a decent breakfast and dinner buffet. Do not miss the amazing dance performances during the cultural evenings! This is also a great spot to stay at when exploring the ancient ruins which are merely a few kilometers away from the resort. Click here to see prices, reviews and to book! 


Luxury: Evolve Back Hampi, Hallekeri village, 4 km from ruins

Evolve Back is the best place to stay in Hampi, if you have the budget for something extra special. This 5 star hotels design was inspired by the magnificent architecture of the Vijayanagara Empire and has so many interesting regal features like arched hallways, antique furniture and velvet drapes above the beds. The rooms are spacious and unique with modern facilities but still retaining an amazing fort/ palace like ambiance. There’s also a beautiful swimming pool and spa and an amazing restaurant.

It’s only 4 km from the UNESCO World Heritage Site, but be warned – this hotel is so amazing you might not want to leave it to explore the ruins and temples!  If you’d like to take a break from the chaos of modern life and live your dreams of being a Raja or Rani (King or Queen), this is your chance. The hotel is located in an isolated region amidst pristine natural beauty and is definitely the best luxury hotel in Hampi and one of the most amazing hotels I’ve ever seen! Click here to see more photos, prices, reviews and to book! 


Header Photo Credit:  Virupaksha Temple by Nataliia Sokolovska and Shutterstock

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Have you stayed in any amazing hotels in Hampi? Don’t forget to leave your comments and recommendations to help out other travellers! 🙂


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