Beach Life – Thailand vs Goa

lonely beach, koh chang

Thailand’s beaches are gorgeous. This is Lonely beach on Koh Chang

Its a hard decision to make; Thailand vs Goa. Thailand’s beaches are the epitome of picture postcard perfect. The first time I strolled along Koh Chang’s Lonely Beach I found it hard to believe that nature really could be this beautiful. I had seen stunning beaches many times in magazines but was still in disbelief that it looked just as gorgeous as I had dreamt about.

lonely beach

Lonely beach on beautiful Koh Chang

 The white sand was soft and warm underfoot contrasting against the bright blue skies and the luscious green fringe of palm trees that line the shore. Once in the warm, crystal clear, turquoise ocean the gentle waves lap against my shoulders. Gazing back at the stunning coastline the jungle covered mountains rise in the background behind the white sand and palm trees that are interrupted only by a couple of rustic huts and a new, discrete upmarket resort.

koh chang beach

Koh Chang beach life

Low season is very hot and sticky so I didn’t have to share my slice of paradise with many others. The sea is warm enough to laze in for hours admiring the sensational scenery with only a few other sun worshippers. Fishing villages, snorkeling, boat trips and the jungly interior of the island that holds waterfalls, elephants and trekking is also worth exploring.

koh chang 2

Boats and islands around Koh Chang

Thailand vs Goa.

Thailand’s beaches are blissfully picture postcard perfect but even in this slice of paradise I couldn’t stop myself from missing India. Thailand’s beaches may be stereotypically more gorgeous but can feel a little generic and many beaches are ruined from over development while I find the blatant sex tourism disturbing.

The magic of India is cast over Goa’s beaches that are also beautiful and have more character.

Anjuna beach bar

Anjuna beach, Goa, India

Beach shacks line the coast instead of 7/11s and it’s easy to get out of the beach resorts and explore Goan and Indian culture; dusty villages, ramshackle houses, colourful temples, old Portuguese churches, colourful trucks and sari clad women.

The thing I miss the most about Goa’s beaches is watching the cows that make their way slowly across the sand every morning.

Goa beach collage

Goan beach life and culture

So, if I had to chose only one beach although Thailand has the most stereotypically beautiful beaches I would easily chose Goa because of the fascinating and magical Indian culture to explore.

Thailand is a beautiful country, traveling here is easy, safe and fun but I just can’t stop missing India, despite the difficulties the rewards and surprises are greater.

The ancient ruined town of Sukhothai is my next stop as I head up north for a much needed dose of culture and Thai history.



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