Hope in Colour

Local people in Delhi - most people are kind and not everyone is trying to scam you
A fruit stall in Delhi

As I leave India there is an explosion of emotions running through my mind. There are many things I will miss about India but also a lot of things that I will be relieved to leave behind.

As I go onto my next adventure and reflect on my time in Indian I thought of this photo. I love this photo as, for me, it kind of sums up my experience of India. While there is a lot of dirt, hardship, inequality and poverty the people are incredibly hard working and determined. A colourful glimmer of hope shines through stronger than the despair.

Like this photo of the dazzlingly colourful fruit stall amongst the dusty, crowded, poor streets of Old Delhi. The hardship in the background fades against the bright hope of the fruit stall.

This is how I will remember India, traveling here is difficult but offers many rewards. India has been an unforgettable, eye opening experience, the colour, hope and resourcefulness of the people against all odds is truly inspiring.

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