Life Lessons from a Year of Full Time Travel

Life Lessons from a Year of Full Time Travel

Travel is not just about seeing the world – it’s about learning and experiencing it.

A year of travel can teach you alot, not only about the world, but also about yourself.

One year ago I stepped off the plane and into India, a total culture shock – to a country that would shock and delight me, challenge all my views and change my life.

At the Golden

A year of travel has taught me :

I have learnt a lot about history, culture and religion of different countries and about my own strengths and weaknesses

Long bus rides that don’t always go to plan have taught me to be more patient

Learning to cope with countries and cultures so different from my own has made me more adaptable

Traveling alone made me more independent and more confident to open up and talk to people

The world has opened up to me in so many ways, I have seen the beauty and the despair, marveled at the richness and diversity and I have found inspiration to write and to be more open minded to different ways of thinking and doing things.

At the Taj Mahal early on a misty winter morning

Despite the challenges things usually turn out OK in the end and I have learnt to be more spontaneous, to worry less and take the leap of faith and have faith in the workings of the universe that things will be alright.

I am constantly humbled and surprised at the friendliness of people all over the world, their willingness to help out a stranger and the look of ambition and joy on people’s faces despite facing desperate poverty.

I am finally able to be myself and live my life on my terms – doing what makes me happy rather than what the media and society tells me I should do in order to be deemed successful

There are so many decisions to made on a daily basis and I am becoming more decisive and better at managing my finances

Anna in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

I have tried out new things and learnt new skills. Maybe one day these new skills and interests could lead to a new career path

I am more compassionate and have more sympathy for others after seeing some of the heart breaking poverty

Perhaps most importantly of all now I appreciate more what I have at home and appreciate all the privileges I have and vow not to take them for granted.

Traveling has opened my eyes to so many different places, cultures, religions and ways of life

Driving across outback Australia in our campervan



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