5 Things I Miss About India

The incredible animals of India

I Miss India!

India can be a difficult and frustrating country to travel in but it’s also fascinating, exotically diverse and very rewarding. Sometimes I loved India and sometimes I hated her but it really was a trip that changed my life and I’m thankful for many things that India has taught me. See my love letter to India – Thank You India. 

Since moving on, I have found Thailand far more developed and easier to travel in than India, but there’s just something missing, I didn’t expect to be missing India so much.

Here are my top 5 things that I love and miss about India:

  1. Animals! There are animals everywhere. Lounging cows, excitable goats, sweet stray dogs that are just desperate for a little attention, nonchalant camels, majestic elephants, wild boars, chipmunks and all kinds of birds and sea life.
  2. Colourful Sarees. The sea of colours created by the beautiful, elaborate saris women wear.

  3. Bollywood. The colourful, lively and uplifting music, the outrageous dance moves, Bollywood movies and the festivals and celebrations of such love and colour that can errupt spontaneously in the street.

  4. Surprise, Surprise. There is a surprise around every corner. India constantly challenges you but also rewards you with delightful, inspiring surprises when you least expect it. It’s crazy and it blows my mind, you can’t get bored of India.

  5. India makes you feel alive. All life is truly played out on the street for everyone to see. Yes, India is difficult and the poverty can be overwhelming but people are determined and hopeful. It makes you really appreciate everything you have and feel truly alive.

    It’s impossible to really describe India or to try and understand this country by reading books or looking at photos. You have to go and experience it for yourself, prepare to have your mind blown, just don’t forget the immodium!


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