5 Stunning Honeymoon Ideas to Suit all Tastes

A honeymoon is one of the most important steps in a couple’s lives. It is a chance to take a break after the whirlwind of the wedding, have some quality alone time, and truly relax before beginning your life journey together.

There are so many different things that you can choose to do for the perfect honeymoon together, so make sure you choose what is best for you.

Here’s a few suggestions for different honeymoon ideas for inspiration.

5 Stunning Honeymoon Ideas to Suit all Tastes


Experience The Great Migration In Tanzania

A great idea for a honeymoon is to experience the thrill of the great migration in Tanzania, Africa where you can see thousands of wild animals in their natural habitat.

In the early spring the Serengeti comes alive with zebras and wildebeests making their annual trek in search of water, food, and birthing grounds. Their predators like leopards, lions, and hyenas also follow them. The skies are filled with huge birds like vultures looking to clean up what the predators leave behind.

Many small birds also follow along to eat the seeds from the animals’ droppings. It is a great chance to see the cycle of life and one that will create lasting memories.

There’s also plenty of luxurious safari lodges you can stay in for the ultimate honeymoon escape in nature.


Explore Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a small country that is located below India and it is the perfect place to visit for couples that are interested in ecotourism, religious artefacts, and relaxing in pristine beauty.

For a small island, there are so many beautiful places to visit in Sri Lanka, from beautiful beaches, to jungles and tea plantations,. You can even go on safari, ride the most scenic train in the world or go whale watching. There are also many fascinating historical and cultural sites like Dambulla Cave Temple, the capital city of Colombo, or the fortified colonial city of Galle.

Sri Lanka has a wide range of accommodation from luxury hotels to affordable homestays. You can stay in a beach resort or head to the hills and stay in a cottage on a tea plantation where you can explore the winding paths through the tea plantations while on a honeymoon in Sri Lanka.


Relax in The Cotswolds

The Cotswolds are about two hours by car from London. There are many picturesque places to explore in the area which consists of lovely wooded areas, and charming, historic villages that once thrived on industry like mills and farming, ancient buildings and monuments.

If you want to spend some real quality time together after all the stress of the wedding has blown over, then honeymooning in a log cabin in the woods with its own private hot tub is a great way to start off your journey of married life together.

If you plan your Cotswolds itinerary during the summer then there are plenty of festivals to attend, so you’ll have the perfect combination of fun activities to go out and do, but also total privacy for spending time alone.


Kayak in Fiji

Fiji is in the South Pacific and it is filled with beautiful blue lagoons, endless stretches of pristine white sand beaches, and exciting places to explore. You can paddle through the twenty volcanic islands of The Yasawa Island, explore the exciting Sawa-i-lau caves, and try snorkelling.

There are lots of stunning accommodation options; Turtle Island is perfect for a honeymoon as it allows only fourteen couples at a time, and each couple is allocated their own private beach, so you can hide away from the world and enjoy your own secluded paradise on a honeymoon in Fiji.


Party in Ibiza

Ibiza is an island off of the east coast of Spain that is known for its incredible nightlife and beautiful beaches. You can spend your days relaxing on the beach, partying on boats or sampling the local cuisine.

Then you can watch the glorious sunset, visit the local bars, and head out for a night of dancing. There are plenty of clubs with world famous international DJs where you can dance the night away with thousands of people or you can stick to smaller lesser-known clubs.

Away from San Antonio, there’s also another side to Ibiza – a spiritual, hippie side with plenty of yoga retreats and places to escape off the beaten track for a luxurious, secluded and peaceful honeymoon. Ibiza has it all!

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