7 Incredible Places You Should Explore in Your Twenties

7 Incredible Places You Should Explore in Your Twenties

Your twenties are about meeting new people, learning new things, and stepping outside of your comfort zone. You may not have a lot of money just yet but there are plenty of inexpensive trips that you can take advantage of.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro is a stunning city on the east coast of Brazil and it was the home of the 2016 Olympic Games. The 30m statue of Christ the Redeemer dominates the skyline and you can take a tour to visit it. Brazil is known for its stunning beaches so make sure you take the time to visit Cococabana and Ipanema Beach to people watch or just relax in the sun. Head there during Carnival, a five-day festival that ends on Ash Wednesday, and join in with the huge celebration.

America’s Route 66

Rent a car and travel along Route 66, the historic highway that travels between Chicago and Los Angeles. This two-lane highway is 3,940km long, is more than six decades old and it is a great way to explore the history of the US. Along it you’ll discover iconic landmarks and natural wonders such as the typical American diner and the Great Canyon. It is also a great way to meet a whole variety of people and make awesome memories which you’ll be telling for years to come.

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is a 15th century Incan citadel in Peru that is located at 2,430 metres above sea level. It is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and it is steeped in mystery. There are three ways up to the summit and you must book ahead of time as they limit the number of people on the trails. February is a bad time to visit as the trail is closed for annual maintenance.

The Temples of Jaipur

Travelling to India will provide you with an incredible insight into a different culture. If you’re interested in visiting temples, you should add Jaipur to your itinerary. It is the capital city of Rajasthan and is home to many fabulous temples. Birla Temple, Govind Dev Ji, Galtaji, Shila Devi Temple, Jagat Shrimoni Temple and Shri Kali Temple are the most prominent ones but there are other smaller ones. Exploring these temples you’ll find beautiful art, carvings, and interesting history. Jaipur is a fascinating place so be sure to try new foods, and fully immerse yourself in the culture of the area.

New Zealand

New Zealand is fabulous for people in their twenties and there are many really fun things to explore. Start in Queenstown where you can try bungee jumping, hiking the surrounding area, or go skiing on The Remarkables. You can also go on wine tours in the area to the many different wineries. Spend your nights enjoying a fabulous nightlife and don’t miss the incredible Night Noodle Markets. Make sure you also make time for a visit to Rotura to see where most of the filming for Lord of the Rings was done.

The Iconic London Attractions

London is the capital city of England and it has many attractions. Hop on the London Eye so that you can get a bird’s eye view of iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge, The Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and Big Ben. Make sure you take the time to visit at least one of the more than two hundred museums that are located in this vibrant city. If you don’t want to miss anything, go on a tour of London and see all the attractions. This is an expensive city but if you do your research first you can get discount passes, reduced meal costs on certain days, discounts on cocktails and many other deals

The Great Wall of China

The first bricks were laid on the Great Wall of China in the 7th century. Towers connect the walls and there are several areas where you can hike along the wall and stand in the towers. There is a magnificent view from the top of the wall and you can see quite a bit of the surrounding area. Several of the places along the wall that are open to the public can easily be visited in day trips from Beijing. If you are interested in learning about the fascinating history of China, then this is a stop you certainly won’t want to miss.

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