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5 Common Mistakes Travelers often make when Visiting India for the First Time

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes When Visiting India for the First Time India really is one of the most exotic, colorful, crazy and captivating destinations on the planet but traveling in India, and especially visiting India for the first time, is no walk in the park – India is one......

The Best Places to Travel in India in July and August to Avoid Monsoon

“I’m traveling to India in July and August, where can I go to avoid the monsoon rains? Unfortunately for sun seekers, the time when most people in the UK, Europe and America have their big Summer holidays coincides with the monsoon season in India. I get many emails from readers......

13 Unmissable Places to Visit in Tamil Nadu, South India.

13 of the best places to visit in Tamil Nadu, South India. The southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu is a fascinating destination to travel because it is home to one of humanity’s oldest remaining living classical civilisations. The areas rich history goes back to the stone age and is easy to see......

Tips for Northeast India Travel: Things you should know before you go

Things you should know before you go: Tips for Northeast India Travel Northeast India is becoming the hottest new off beat destination in India – a diverse, fascinating and relatively unexplored region with distinctive tribal cultures that are a world away from the chaos of the rest of India. Traveling......

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