Why a Tinggly Experience is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Travelers

Why a Tinggly Experience is the Perfect Christmas Gift for Travelers

As the weather gets colder and the leaves fall off the trees I start to think about Christmas, shopping and wondering what presents to buy. One of the best things about Christmas is the feeling of giving someone you love a gift they will love, but there’s always some people that are difficult to shop for. If someone you love is away backpacking, or planning to take a trip, it’s always so hard to know what to get for them. Finding the perfect Christmas gift for travelers can be really hard.

People always complain that I’m really hard to buy for. As I’m traveling so much I need to keep my possessions to a minimum and I don’t want to carry around anymore stuff than is absolutely necessary. Posting packages abroad can be complicated, expensive and time consuming, and as many travelers and backpackers like to go with the flow when they travel instead of having a fixed itinerary it becomes almost impossible to send a gift because you don’t know where the traveler is planning to be at any given time. 

Christmas is one of the most special times to spend with family and friends and, especially if I can’t be with them in person on the day, I always want to find the perfect gift to show how much I care.

So how do you get the perfect Christmas gift for travelers? How about treating them to an epic once in a lifetime experience!

I’ve always believed that experiences and making memories are more valuable than material possessions. If the traveler in your life is anything like me then what matters most to them is a life rich with experience instead of ‘things’.

There’s even scientific evidence that spending money on experiences, not things, makes you happier!

“Recent research from San Francisco State University found that people who spent money on experiences rather than material items were happier and felt the money was better spent. The thrill of purchasing things fades quickly but the joy and memories of experiences, from epic adventures to minute encounters, can last a lifetime.” Forbes

I mean the experience of a taking a helicopter flight over Hawaii, a romantic gondola ride in Venice, ziplining around Angkor Wat in Cambodia, or a private Taj Mahal experience, is certainly more exciting than some DVDs and socks and will become a memory that will last a lifetime!

Giving a really great present to your loved ones is one of the best feelings there is, and for a traveler often the greatest gift you can give them is a new experience that allows them to create more stories and memories.

That’s why an experience makes the perfect Christmas gift for travelers, but how do you choose which experience they will love in the right location and organise the dates?

How to gift the perfect experience

You’ve probably already heard of experience gift boxes before but most are limited to one country, often your home country, which isn’t so exciting for the avid globetrotter.

I just found out about Tinggly which offers all of the world’s most amazing experiences in over 100 countries in one easy gift package.

Tinggly makes buying the perfect Christmas present for travelers so easy! Tinggly have scoured the globe for the most inspiring top-quality experiences. You can choose from 22 different experience gift boxes each containing an huge handpicked collection of amazing experiences all around the world for your loved one to choose from.

They offer gift collections, not specific experiences, so the recipient can choose their favourite experience so you can’t go wrong and they are valid for 5 years. My favourite Tinggly experience collections are the Bucket List,  Best of the World, and the Gap Year collection. There’s also gift boxes specially selected for him, for her and for honey mooners. You can see them all here…

Getting excited looking at all the experiences included!

Getting your experience gift box to your loved one is easy too. The easiest way to send the gift to someone who’s already away traveling is send them an e voucher instantly by email (this option is also great if you forgot about buying them a gift until the last minute!) If you prefer to give a physical gift then it can be sent by DHL worldwide delivery in 2 – 3 days with a personal message included, or you can print it out and give it in person – not much beats the look on someone’s face when you’ve gifted them something they really wanted – like a once in a lifetime experience!

I’m so glad I found out about Tinggly – this is going to make Christmas shopping so much easier this year. One of the biggest downsides of being a full time traveler is not being with family on Christmas, Birthdays and special occasions but I’m lucky that my family usually come and met me somewhere in the world at least once a year. Buying them a Tinggly experience gift box is easy to send home and could be something we could get excited about planning making our next memories together wherever in the world we end up meeting! And for my loved ones! Now you know what to buy me for Christmas!!! 😉

So if you are stuck for ideas for the perfect Christmas gift for travelers or if someone you love is away traveling or planning a trip then why not think about buying them the experience of a lifetime instead of another pair of socks!

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