How to Find Amazing Cheap Travel Deals, Flights, Hotels and Holidays on Wowcher

How to find amazing cheap travel deals, flights, hotels and holidays on Wowcher

As a full time traveller and travel blogger I’m always on the look out for ways to save money on travel and ways to get the best deals on flights, hotels and holidays without compromising on quality. My latest new travel addiction and way to find amazingly cheap travel deals is Wowcher!

You might have heard of them already – Wowcher is one of the top deals sites in the UK which offers customers amazing money saving deals with up to 80% off the best stuff to do, see, visit, eat and buy in a variety of cities in the UK. They also have an amazing travel section with incredible deals on holidays in the UK and abroad!

When I’m in the UK my friends and I always check Wowcher before going out to eat as they have great restaurant voucher deals. I also love the spa deals and the money saving vouchers for days out and experiences all over the UK.  Before I book a trip, especially one within Europe, I check out the travel deals on Wowcher because who doesn’t like to find a great deal and get up to an amazing 80% off? Wowcher is fun and so easy to use that you’d just be silly to pay full price really!

How to find amazing cheap travel deals with Wowcher

It really couldn’t be any simpler to find amazing cheap travel deals and save money on your next holiday with Wowcher – maybe that’s what makes it so addictive for me!

Simply go online to or download the app on your phone (from either the Google Play Store  for Android phones or the App store for Apple phones.)

To get access to Wowcher’s cheap travel deals just sign up by entering your email address and location and then you’re ready to scroll through all those tempting offers! I normally head straight to the travel deals section! 😉

When you find a travel deal that you like simply click on it to get all the info. Most of Wowcher’s travel deals have a link to the Trip Advisor reviews for the hotels where you’ll be staying so you can check them out before you buy.

You can also choose the dates you fly on and often even choose the airport you fly from so there’s plenty of flexibility so you’re sure to find a deal that fits in with the dates that you want to go on holiday. Just because it’s a cheap travel deal it doesn’t mean that you have to comprise on quality or flexibility! And Wowcher’s not just good for last minute deals either – actually you’ll find that you get the very cheapest deals the further in advance you book.

I love this deal – a 2 night 4 * Central Budapest escape with flights from only £99 pp! Budapest, in Hungary, is one of my favourite cities for a weekend break in Europe – I’ve been 3 times already and love it because it’s quirky and underrated with loads to see and do whilst still being way less crowded and much cheaper than the like of places like Paris or Rome. You can find both popular destination deals on Wowcher as well as more offbeat escapes.

This deal stays at the centrally located 4* Hotel Mediterran which is worth over £100 per night alone. Return flights from London Gatwick, Stansted, Manchester, Edinburgh, Bristol or East Midlands are included. This deals gives you a cool saving of 26% off the original price, you can take your trip anytime before the end of the year and the whole deal is even ATOL protected.

You can even choose your flights times and airlines

Another one of the best things, and what sets Wowcher apart from other deals sites and apps, is that they offer integrated flight pricing and booking so you get to choose your flights without even leaving the site, a feature which is unique to Wowcher.

Just because the holiday is a great deal it doesn’t mean that it has to be complicated to book or that you have to put up with unsociable flights times, flying with rubbish airlines or flying from airports on the other side of the country. With Wowcher you can choose your flight dates and times, choose your preferred airlines and even choose to fly from a regional airport!

If the included flight isn’t perfect for you then Wowcher offers the option to easily search and book alternative flights instantly before you buy the deal without even having to leave the site.

If passport details are required to book the flights you can even do that within the Wowcher site – making the whole booking experience so much more flexible and hassle free and leaving you to get excited about the great deal you just got and your upcoming holiday!

The standard flights for the Budapest minibreak are included in the £99 pp deal but its great to have the option to change your flights, airport or airline from only £6 if you find that more convenient.

Top Tip: If you change your outbound flight to as early in the day as possible and your return flight to as late in the day as possible then you get more time on holiday! 😉 The Easy Jet alternative flight option here is only an extra £12 but that gives you almost a whole day more to explore Budapest! 

I love the choose your flights feature as you can make sure the dates, hotel and flights are all exactly to your liking before you even buy the deal and its great that you can change the flight times to get more holiday for your time and money without even leaving the Wowcher site.  

All the deals with the option to choose your flights have a little airplane icon so you can easily find them. You can also find them all on this page here. 

So is there a catch?

You know the old saying – ‘If it sounds too good to be true it probably is’ but honestly, with Wowcher, I’ve yet to find a catch, well maybe apart from that it’s addictive and often the very cheapest deals are only available outside the peak holiday periods but that can work in your favour if you plan in advance it gives you something to look forwards to plus you get to enjoy the destination without the peak season crowds.

Wowcher is so easy to use and all the details you need are clearly displayed. With Wowcher a cheap holiday or amazing travel deal doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality, many of the deals include award winning hotels, are ATOL protected and you even choose your flight times.

Many of the deals are valid until the end of this year or the end of March next year so you’ve got plenty of time to take your holiday and actually you often get the very best deals if you book further in advance.

Wowcher even offers a no quibble 14 day refund guarantee on unredeemed vouchers and if you change your mind then you can redeem your Wowcher towards any other deal on the site so you’ve got nothing to lose really by taking advantage of their amazing deals.

Why not take a mystery holiday!?

The only deal with a catch is a good catch! It’s a surprise! 😊 One of my favourite travel deals at the moment is the mystery holiday deal.

If you’re feeling adventurous then for only £99 you could bag a holiday which could be a European city break or beach holiday or if you get really lucky it could even be a holiday (including return flights and hotels) to exotic destinations like Dubai, New York, Thailand or Bali! What an amazing deal! Check out this guy who bagged a holiday to Dubai for only £99.

The catch to this one is that you don’t get to choose your destination, the destination is decided in a draw, but that kind of makes it more exciting. It’s great for those who just want to get away but can’t decide where or don’t mind where they go and want to get an amazingly cheap deal.

For all the other Wowcher travel deals you pick your dates, destination and know exactly which hotel you will be staying at and what flight you will be on when you book.

If you’re not feeling so adventurous and just want to take advantage of the deals to book a quick getaway in the UK there’s plenty of fab deals on hotels, experiences, restaurants and days out across the UK too.

So before you book your next holiday, hotel or day out make sure to check out the amazing cheap travel deals, flights, hotels and holidays on Wowcher first – you’d be silly not to and to pay full price.


Have you used Wowcher to book a holiday or have you taken advantage their ‘Mystery Holiday’ deal?

I’d love to know where you went and how your holiday was so leave a comment below 😊


Btw: This post is generously sponsored by Wowcher and includes affiliate links which help to keep this site running so I can bring you the best travel tips but all opinions expressed here are genuine and are my own.


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