10 Reasons To Love Australia

 10 reasons to love australia

The Land Down under is an enormous, diverse and unique place, quite unlike any other. From golden beaches to stylish cities to the stark beauty of the outback, warm weather and a warm welcome, there’s a lot to love.

10 Reasons To Love Australia

#1  The Unique Wildlife

reasons to love Australia Kangaroo

The kangaroo is an amazing marsupial unique to Australia

The kangaroo is for some the icon of Australia, and this unique, cute and slightly weird animal is intriguing to watch. There’s also wallabies, furry koalas snoozing in trees, emus stalking the dry plains, cackling kookaburras, dingoes, shy platypuses and echidnas and many other strange animals that are only found in Australia.


#2 Natural Beauty

The Three Sisters at the Blue Mountains, near Sydney. Just one of Australia’s spectacular natural wonders.

Australia’s greatest asset is perhaps the natural beauty with so many diverse and stunning landscapes. From tropical beaches, to luscious waterfalls, prehistoric gorges, fields of waving sugar cane, ancient rain forests, unique rock formations, coral reefs and mighty mountain ranges . With more than 500 national parks and 15 UNESCO listed natural wonders, this is one big beautiful country.


#3 Road Trips

great ocean road trip campervan

A campervan road trip along the Great Ocean Road is one of the best ways to experience Australia.

Australia could have been made for road trips. Get a pair of wheels and feel the thrill of the freedom of the open road. Explore all the little surprises along the way as well as the famous sights.


#4 Friendly Locals

pioneer valley Australian cowboy hat

Australian’s are a friendly and open bunch, especially in the country, you’re never too far from a friendly face

The Australian’s are generally really positive, friendly and laid back people. It’s not hard to make friends here and local Aussies are often happy to help out. Australia has a general air of sunny, infectious optimism.


#5 Beautiful Beaches

port douglas beach australia

View over Port Douglas beach in tropical North Queensland.

Australian’s just love to be at the beach, there’s a beach to suit your mood whether it’s surfing, snorkeling the incredible Great Barrier Reef or just relaxing. Some of the best beaches in the world are here and surfing is almost a national obsession.


#6 The Weather

sunset reasons to love australia beach

Sunset from Magnetic Island, Queensland. The weather here is almost always hot and sunny making it easy to enjoy the great outdoors.

Contrary to popular belief it does actually get cold in the south of Australia, but for most of the year the sun shines gloriously and the weather is warm which always put a smile on my face and makes it possible to enjoy the great outdoors.


#7 Cool Cities

sydney harbour and opera house view

Iconic Sydney Harbour makes this one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Sydney has to be one of the world’s most beautiful cities with it’s stunning harbour and iconic Opera House, Melbourne’s lane ways are achingly cool.


#8 Travel is so Easy

airlie beach australia hostel

A hostel swimming pool in Airlie Beach. There is a whole network of hostels, backpacker buses and bars throughout Australia so it’s easy to make friends and enjoy your travels.

Australia may be far from the cheapest place to travel but it is very easy. There’s a whole industry around backpacking and budget tourism that, combined with the friendly Australian’s, means it’s easy to make friends and to get around.


#9 The Outback

Uluru outback australia

The incredible Outback is where Australia is really unique and special

The Outback is where I fell in love with Australia, this is where Australia is really unique. It’s hard to explain the allure and stark beauty of the vast and unforgiving outback but it will draw you in. If you haven’t seen the outback, you haven’t really seen Australia.

#10. Working Holiday Visas!

working in rural australia

Working in rural Australia, immersing myself in Australia and earning money for future travel.

There’s a lot to see and love in Australia but unfortunately it doesn’t come cheap. The good news is that if you are aged 18- 30 then you could be eligible to work and holiday in Australia for year and earn money to fund your travels.

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