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7 Reasons why Traveling in India isn’t as Difficult as you might think

Why Traveling in India isn’t as actually as hard as you might imagine Many people think that traveling in India is difficult, or even dangerous… While I’ll admit that, especially at first, traveling in India can be a bit overwhelming and quite a culture shock, I’m fed up of how the Western......

21 Signs You’ve Been Backpacking Asia For Too Long!

Asia is just paradise for backpackers – warm climates, beautiful scenery, interesting sights, captivating culture, tasty food, friendly locals, and picture postcard perfect beaches. Backpacking Asia has become something of a right of passage nowadays and it’s so easy to meet others and make friends along the way. There’s no......

A Backpacker’s Guide To Surviving Your First Time in Bangkok, Thailand

So many backpackers and travelers begin their adventures here in Bangkok and for good reason. Thailand is a beautiful country full of exotic experiences, glittering temples, gorgeous beaches, steaming jungles and fiery curries that offers possibly the most easily accessible exotic holiday or backpacking adventure. Your first time in Bangkok......

Backpacking Venice on a Budget: How to see Venice for €50 a day

Backpacking Venice on a Budget: How to see Venice for only €50 a day The historic city of Venice with it’s enchanting waterways is one of the most beautiful unique and captivating cities in the world! It’s somewhere everyone should visit once in their lifetime, and you don’t need to be rich......

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