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Meandering through Malacca

Meandering through Malacca Old Malacca: Wafts of joss stick smoke from an elaborate, ancient Chinese temple mingles with the smell of sandalwood and a rhythmic banging of drums from a Hindu temple. As the drums reach a crescendo, the hypnotic call to prayer drifts out from the mosque. As I......

Kek Lok Si Temple, Penang

One thing that has really fascinated me whilst traveling is learning about the different religions and how these influence values, beliefs and rituals of daily life. I’ve seen more temples and shrines that I can count: both ancient and modern, ruined and in all their glittering glory.  It’s also intriguing......

The Ancient Temples of Khajuraho: Coming Face to Face with The Kama Sutra

The Ancient and Erotic Temples of Khajuraho Sitting by the side of the intricately sculpted, ancient temples of Khajuraho, I watched entranced, as a throng of people in bright, elaborate saris chattered excitedly as they made their way, in their droves, to the only temple still in use. They were carrying......

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