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Thailand’s Sex Industry – The Seedy Side of Siam

Wellllllcome, Hellooooo, Come Inside! Cry gaggles of skimpily dressed young Thai girls huddled under the multitude of flashing neon pink lights along Soi Cowboy. Bangkok – one part city of golden temples, one part modern and futuristic and one part strange and seedy. Bangkok – The Oriental City Bangkok is......

I Come Alone

Finding harmony in your choice of travel partner, or in your own company, can make or break a trip but whether traveling alone, in a group or with a close friend or partner all come with their different challenges. Group tours have the advantage of a ready made group of......

Heaven and Hell – The White Temple and the Black House

Wat Rong Khun (or the white temple) in Chiang Rai is no ordinary temple. At first glance Wat Rong Khun reminds me of something out of a winter wonderland fairytale as the white, unbelievably elaborate, creation glitters in the bright sunlight. There is something mystical but also slightly spooky about......

Temple Hopping in Chiang Mai, Thailand

As the cultural and historical capital of Northern Thailand there are endless things to do in Chiang Mai, but my favourite activity was simply wandering, exploring and temple hopping in Chiang Mai’s old city. Chiang Mai is sprinkled with elaborate golden temples and wears its heritage as capital of the......

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