Take Me To Turkey Blogging Competition Winner!

I am so excited and pleased to announce that, while attending the World Travel Market in London this week, I learned that I had won a travel blogger competition!

The competition was run by Go To Turkey and the Turkish Culture and Tourism Office with 6 different categories all built around the #takemetoturkey campaign to promote Turkey through blogs and social media including twitter and instagram.

global gallivanting WTM14 prize takemetoturkey
I received the prize for best adventure blog for the #takemetoturkey competition at WTM

Take Me To Turkey Winner: Best Adventure Travel Blogger

Global Gallivanting won the prize for the best adventure blog and I’m excited to announce that my prize is a one week bareboat charter holiday in Turkey generously sponsored by Budget Sailing!

sailing in turkey
I’ve won a sailing trip in Turkey!

I can’t wait until the weather is good enough to be cruising the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean and exploring Turkey’s coast line, plus it will be my first time aboard a sailing boat.

After visiting Turkey’s stand at World Travel Market I’ve also been inspired by so many other incredible places to visit in Turkey so I think the weeks sailing holiday will be just the start of my adventures in Turkey.

Why I’m excited to visit Turkey

Turkey is home to some of the most unique and fascinating scenery and historical gems, from buzzing Istanbul, a true crossroads of East and West, 11 UNESCO World Heritage sites and ancient historical treasures, the sparkling Aegean coast, dramatic scenery and quirky, surreal landscapes of Cappadocia and Pamukkale, Turkey is bound to be one exciting trip!


blue mosque istanbul
Istanbul’s impressive Blue Mosque

Often referred to as one of the world’s greatest cities, former capital of two empires and a city with a skyline of domes and minarets that straddles both Europe and Asia. With Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, cruising the Bosphorus and haggling in the grand bazaar, there is so much to explore in Istanbul.


Library of Celsus next to the entrance to the agora, Ephesus, Turkey
The Library of Celsus at ancient Ephesus, Turkey

With the exemption of Pompeii, Ephesus is the second largest and best preserved ancient city in the Mediterranean, once the wealthy capital of Roman Asia.


The surreal beauty of Pamukkale
The surreal beauty of Pamukkale

This otherworldly looking sight is the result of a natural phenomenon that has created these stunning white terraces and travertines (pools) saturated with dissolved calcium bicarbonate. Nearby are also impressive ruins of the ancient city of Hierapolis.


ballooning over cappadocia, turkey
Ballooning over Cappadocia

The unique landscape of Cappadocia holds rock cut churches, cave houses and fairy tale like scenery. Taking in this surreal landscape from a hot air balloon has to be a bucket list worthy adventure.

Nemrut Dagi

Nemrut Dagi. Túmul d'Antíoc I. El túmul i els caps de les estàtues.
The strange tomb like heads of gods at Nemrut Dagi

These bizarre stone heads adorn a remote mountain top in Eastern Turkey, the outlandish legacy of a king trying to prove his faith to the gods and ensure himself eternal life.


Whirling Dervishes
Whirling Dervishes

A place of pilgrimage for Muslims and the home of the Whirling Dervishes.


Kayaköy / Karmylassos / Ghost town turkey
The ghost town of Kayakoy

A ghost village of more than 2000 ruined cottages and a basilica that were all abandoned in 1923 when the Anatolian-Greek population was relocated


olympos turkey
The ruins of Olympos and the beautiful beach side setting

I want to explore the over grown ruins of this Lycian site in this idyllic beach side location and stay in a cute tree house.

I’d love to hear your recommendations of places in Turkey to visit and thanks again to Go To Turkey! I cannot wait for you to #takemetoturkey!

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travelog siti November 10, 2014 at 4:57 am

Just come back from Turkey, I am sure you will have a lot of fun there. Anyway, big congratulations for you!

Anna Phipps November 10, 2014 at 6:16 pm

Thanks so much! I can’t wait. Do you have any more recommendations for me of other places to go in Turkey?

vlucht volgen January 10, 2020 at 3:24 am

I .can guarantee you that it is even safer to travel in the southwest parts of turkey. The people are really really nice; you can even walk among the city in the middle of the night, which is unfortunately something that i can’t say about istanbul. The southwest and Turquoise Coast are definitely on my list.

Clifton Edward August 28, 2021 at 8:50 am

A big congratulations. Turkey is so beautiful place and the most beautiful place in Turkey is Istanbul. I am also traveling from Pakistan, you should have to visit Pakistan there are the most beautiful places Like Hunza, Skardu, Hingol National Park.


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