10 Off Beat Places to Visit in Tenerife

10 Off Beat Places to Visit in Tenerife

Eternally popular Tenerife, part of Spain’s Canary Islands is one of the most popular holiday resorts in all of Europe. Although most visitors come to Tenerife for the fantastic beaches, nightlife and resorts there is so much more on offer from a holiday in Tenerife than just sun, sea and sand – there’s even some fantastic yoga retreats and surf camps.

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This stunning, volcanic island is extraordinarily diverse and cultured with so much to offer for all types of holiday makers. With some of Europe’s most stunning hiking trails and active and adventurous types will find many off the beaten track adventures in Tenerife.

Explore these 10 off beat places to visit in Tenerife

#1 Did you know that Tenerife is home to some of Europe’s best hiking trails? Spectacular walking routes run through the foothills of UNESCO world heritage listed  Pico del Teide (Mount Teide), Spain’s highest mountain and the world’s third largest volcano. If you are feeling active you can hike up to the summit at 3,718 metres above sea level, or if you prefer to relax a little more on your holidays you can take the cable car to 3,500 metres and still witness this other worldy landscape of lava that  has cooled into bizarre rock formations and twisted pinnacle.

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#2 If hiking Mount Teide was not enough action then you could take a ferry to the neighbouring island of La Gomera to hike through Garajonay National Park up to the island’s highest point at Alto de Garajonay.

#3 Tenerife is also one of the best places to star gaze in Europe and Mount Teide is home to Teide Observatory – the largest solar observatory of the world at an altitude of 2,390 m in Izaña. Take the cable car up at sunset and settle in for a night of stargazing with one of the best solar telescopes of Europe.

#4 If you like history then exploring the quaint cobbled alleys and charming historic buildings of UNESCO World Heritage-listed La Laguna makes for a pleasant day away from the beaches and busy seaside resorts.


#5 Tenerife’s beaches and understandably popular but you don’t have to go the ocean to swim when you enjoy a refreshing swim in the natural rock pools at Garachicoa

#6 The old town of La Orotava is a historical, artistic and cultural gem that dates back to the 16th Century. As well as colourful streets and interesting Spanish colonial architecture there are also many shops and outdoor cafés to keep you entertained.

 #7 Teno Rural Park is a fascinating ancient volcanic massif that has been landscaped by erosion and peppered with exposed volcanic plugs and dikes that creates gorgeous and interesting landscapes. It’s also an ecological and cultural treasure that is sanctuary for many animal species including the osprey.

#8 Also in the ravines of Teno Rural Park you can visit the picturesque hamlet of Masca. This is a fascinating place to see an example of the natural architecture of the Canary Islands. Masca´s small 18th century church is especially delightful and the Masca ravine that leads all the way down to the sea is one of the most spectacular in the island. If you take an organised excursions you can hike down the ravine to the beach where a boat will collect you.



#9 For a bit of a different beach experience head to Los Gigantes where you can sunbathe under the imposing cliffs on the black-sand beach away from the crowds.

#10 The South West coast of Tenerife is a spectacular spot for whale watching. You can see about 26 species frolicking wild in the ocean just off the coast, including baleen whales, killer whales, dolphins, pilot whales and even blue whales. It’s an amazing experience to see these gentle giants of the sea in their natural environment.


Have you been to Tenerife? Did you find any more off beat gems that you can share?

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