Can Traveling Help You Let Go of Anger and Learn to Forgive?

How can traveling help you with anger

Can Traveling Help You Let Go of Anger and Learn to Forgive?

One of the most beautiful gifts we can give ourselves is the opportunity to travel. Not only does it allow us to gain valuable life experiences, learn new skills, meet new people and learn more about other cultures, a wonderful trip abroad can also bring inner peace. 

If you find that you experience anger regarding events or individuals in your past, you are not alone. It is an extremely valid emotion that we all feel from time to time, but this doesn’t mean you have to bear this feeling of anger all the time. 

Giving yourself the gift of travel can help you let go of anger and forgive the individuals or experiences that have hurt you. Here’s some suggestions as to how you can do so:

  • Getting time away

The most obvious way that traveling can help you release your anger is that it may force you to take time away from the situation that has caused you harm. You are physically in a different place, and potentially even a different time zone, far away from whatever has caused you the anger you are feeling. 

When you travel, you are essentially stepping away from your problems and taking a breath of fresh air. This does not automatically solve the problems, but it can give you more peace of mind and a new perspective on potential ways you can process your anger moving forward.


  • Allows time for meditation

When you travel, especially solo, you will have time to explore your own thoughts. Whether you choose to stroll around town and see what there is to explore, find a beautiful monument or museum exhibit, or try some local food, you will have plenty of opportunities to hear what your heart is telling you and actively listen to your emotions on your trip. 

Travel tends to bring out any emotions that may be hiding away and allow us the space to confront them. This can be one of the most important ways to acknowledge and heal from your anger.

One of my favourite things to do when I travel is to join a yoga retreat, most of which include meditation, but you can also find retreat holidays catering too all sorts of interests including surfing, learning a new language, walking, writing, horse riding and many other sports and activities.

  • Broadens your worldview

Travel inherently allows us to explore and learn more about other cultures and ways of life. While this may bring about culture shock at first, the more you open your heart and mind to these new cultures you explore, the more you may learn about yourself as well as other cultures. 

The introspection associated with cultural exploration can allow us to confront more than just our own cultural norms, but also the way we experience emotions. This examination of your emotions can eventually bring about a strong catharsis, or a release of anger, and allow you to experience peace and forgiveness.

Seeing the great big world out there and meeting new people can put your issues in perspective and give you a sense of your place in the world, either reassuring you that you or not alone or reminding you that your problems may not be so big or unique.

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  • Teaches you that there is more to life than anger

When you get the travel bug, you know that there is more to life than just your hometown and culture. Whether you venture near or far, travel can be one of the most enriching and enjoyable experiences we can find. 

The sheer joy and wonder associated with travel may just allow you to see beyond your anger and allow you to forgive anyone or anything that caused the anger. Though anger is inevitable sometimes, there are many more emotions more worthy of experiencing. Travel can bring about new emotions or remind you of ones you can go home to.

  • Empowers you to face stressful situations 

When traveling, you will likely encounter frustrating situations. Rather than letting these situations under your skin add to your anger, you can use them as a powerful tool to help explore ways to curb your anger and frustration in other aspects of your life. 

Almost like an exercise, the small frustrations associated with travel can train your brain to deal with anger in a healthier way, eventually leading to peace and forgiveness.

In conclusion

While anger is a normal and healthy emotion that we all experience, it can be harmful when it feels as if it is taking over our lives. 

If you find that you’ve tried to forgive people or events that have caused you anger in the past but it just won’t work, it can be exasperating and draining. To find forgiveness that benefits you, not necessarily for the benefit of others, try taking a cathartic trip that allows you to prioritize your mental health. You may be surprised at just how much you learn about the world and yourself.



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