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Packing for Southeast Asia

Packing for Southeast Asia? Firstly, the number 1 mistake made by all travelers, including myself, is packing too much! (Read more about the common mistakes made by first time backpackers) I am guilty of this myself and now, looking back, it seems stupid to bring so many clothes from home.......

Tips for Traveling in the Rainy Season in Southeast Asia

Should you Travel in the Rainy Season in Southeast Asia? Southeast Asia is one of the most exciting and affordable regions to travel in the world. For many people, traveling in the monsoon or rainy season in Southeast Asia may not seem like the most appealing idea at first thought......

My Time as an Aussie Bar Maid Working in a Rural Queensland Pub

Queensland’s fields of waving sugar cane seem to stretch out forever in every direction. The tall thin, vibrant green stalks reach far above my head, on top fluffy tips softy blow in the breeze under the bright Queensland sun. The dark green mountains of Eungella National Park rise up in......

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