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Top 10 Tips for a Working Holiday in Australia

Thinking of taking a Working Holiday in Australia? A year in the Land Down Under really is the adventure of a lifetime but exploring this massive country doesn’t come cheap. This year over 200,000  young people headed Down Under on Working Holiday Visas, this could just be the perfect way to spend a......

How to Find a Job on an Australian Working Holiday

How to find a job in Australia on a working holiday There’s nothing like Australia, the land Down Under is a huge and diverse continent, unlike any other. Due to the stunning natural scenery and iconic sights Australia is top of many bucket lists and rightly so with such a range of......

My Time as an Aussie Bar Maid Working in a Rural Queensland Pub

My time as an Aussie Bar Maid working in a rural Queensland pub Queensland’s fields of waving sugar cane seem to stretch out forever in every direction. The tall thin, vibrant green stalks reach far above my head, on top fluffy tips softy blow in the breeze under the bright......

Reverse Culture Shock

This was not the Australia that I had imagined and dreamed about for so long. My initial excitement turned into reverse culture shock as the wind tossed and turned the autumn leaves across the ground past modern buildings and trams trundled along wide, well kept streets of elegant Victorian architecture.......

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