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Reminiscing Over India

Reminiscing Over India I’m soon to depart for my second trip to India and  I think back to the day when I left, almost 2 years ago, after that first trip. I admit I was ready and relieved to leave as that first trip had been a real eye opener......

10 Surprising Things about North Korea

  10 Surprising Things about North Korea Guest Post By: Christopher Helali North Korea is one of the most secretive countries in the world and a visit here certainly surprised me. I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to visit North Korea from October 9th – 14th 2014 and mark......

Welcome to Paradise! – Whitehaven Beach

Welcome to Paradise – Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays, Australia From the first time I saw a photo of Whitehaven Beach this place went on my bucket list and it didn’t disappoint. I’m a cynic, I’m always prepared for a beauty spot to not look as good as it does it the......

The Island Metropolis of Singapore

Downtown Singapore at dawn Guest Post by DrFumblefinger Except for the stifling humidity, steamy heat and admixture of tropical rain-forest, Singapore will remind you more of Chicago or New York than most Asian cities.  Its skyline is as packed with modern skyscrapers as its roads are with cars and scooters.  And this small island nation (actually comprised of 63......

Aussie Animal Highlights

For 4 months the iconic Australian animal – the kangaroo has eluded me and I have yet to see one of these marsupials in the wild. However, Queensland has many other incredible wildlife experiences. Aussie Animal Highlights 1) Discovering a whole new underwater world of coral gardens, bright, extravagant fish......

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