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20 Photos that show why the Golden Temple is better than the Taj Mahal

Why the Golden Temple beats the Taj Mahal: A Photo Essay You simply can’t miss visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar on your travels in India. It’s official name is actually Harmandir Sahib (which means the abode of God) but the Golden Temple name is commonly used by tourists due to......

Highlights of India

Highlights of India India is such an amazingly diverse country which challenges and frustrates and rewards and surprises a visitor in equal measures. With so many surprises and magical experiences it is hard to pick 5 of my top experiences here are my highlights of India: 1.  Love, Music and......

Does visiting the Taj Mahal live up to the hype?

Can visiting the Taj Mahal, the most beautiful building in the world, live up to the hype? My first glimpse of the famous building was actually from over the dusty rooftops of Agra shortly after sunrise, where, in the early morning mist it almost blends, unassumingly, into the sky. Ever......

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