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North India Himalayan Mountains Itinerary & Backpacking Route

Northern India and the Himalayan mountains are some of my favourite places to visit in India. With lush mountain scenery, colourful Buddhist monasteries, ancient spiritual places and a unique energy, there’s something really magical about the Himalayas. However, the mountains of north India often get skipped as people travel around......

20 Photos that show why the Golden Temple is better than the Taj Mahal

Why the Golden Temple beats the Taj Mahal: A Photo Essay You simply can’t miss visiting the Golden Temple in Amritsar on your travels in India. It’s official name is actually Harmandir Sahib (which means the abode of God) but the Golden Temple name is commonly used by tourists due to......

Visiting The Mata Lal Devi Temple in Amritsar: The Most Bizarre Temple in the World!

Amritsar is famous as the home of the spectacular Golden Temple, Sikhism’s holiest gurdwara, but there is much more to see in this area of Punjab, North India. One of the most interesting, fun and craziest things I saw in Amritsar was totally unexpected. On the way to the border......

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