New Startup Community, Retreat Kula, Changes the Way People Go on Wellness Retreats

New Startup Community, Retreat Kula, Changes the Way People Go on Wellness Retreats

Going on a yoga or wellness retreat is the perfect way to take a break and destress from daily life while learning new skills and meeting like minded people. What could be better than taking a holiday that improves your wellness for body, mind and soul but with so many options available worldwide often the hardest part is finding the perfect retreat for you. Luckily, new startup website Retreat Kula, now makes it super easy to find and book all kinds of retreats across the world., an online wellness travel, yoga and spiritually conscious community, recently launched a new website that allows people to search hundreds of different retreats and yoga teacher trainings from across the globe.

Whether you’re stressed, overworked, need a break from the craziness of daily life, or just want to reconnect to yourself and deepen your yoga practice, Retreat Kula will help you find and book the perfect retreat for your needs. 

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The site is simple to navigate and allows you to search for retreats or trainings based on yoga style and destination. All of the details regarding the retreat – including duration, availability, price options, accommodations and booking conditions – are conveniently located on one page. For those who are interested in booking, online reservations are quick and easy. Or, Retreat Kula can be contacted directly, and their 24/7 support team will assist with any questions. 

Of course, Retreat Kula doesn’t just offer yoga retreat options, it also provides connections to Ayurveda, surf, meditation and spa retreats around the world. They also connect wellness travelers to workshops and other training, as well as expert yoga teachers and spiritual gurus.

Retreat Kula offers everything you need when it comes to discovering the best retreats, training, workshops and volunteer experiences. They are dedicated to providing quality and authentic experiences for individuals, couples and families.

The ultimate goal of this new venture is to help celebrate and spread yoga and wellness travel around the world, while building a community of individuals who have shared values, intentions and a sense of purpose.

The launch comes as the wellness travel industry is continuing to grow at an extremely fast pace, much faster than regular tourism according to the Global Wellness Institute’s 2018 report. The industry is predicted to have a growth rate of 7.5% annually through 2022.

About Retreat Kula

The word Kula means community or tribe and, true to our name, Retreat Kula is on a mission to build a community of individuals who have shared values, strong intentions and a sense of purpose.

Retreat Kula bring together students, teachers, travelers and organizations from around the world for authentic retreat experiences, and to celebrate the beauty and growth of yoga and wellness travel. 

Retreat Kula is here to help you discover and book yoga retreats, as well as find yoga teacher training courses in your area. The website includes retreat packages from over 500 organizers located in over 50 countries, and is constantly expanding and adding new training courses and new retreat locations. 

Through the retreats, Retreat Kula offer you a beautiful opportunity to gain a new perspective, reconnect to yourself and rediscover your wellbeing – all while meeting a new, like-minded community of people. Book your retreat today at


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