So you want to become a Flight Attendant?

so you want to become a flight attendant
Angelica gets paid to travel – working as a flight attendant

So, you want to travel forever and make money on the road? After giving you ideas on how to travel for free and how to make money while traveling now I’m talking to people who are doing just that!

So you want to become a Flight Attendant? –  Interview with Angelica from Brooklyn Chick Travels

Working as a Flight Attendant or Cabin Crew for an Airline sounds like a dream travel job. But what’s it really like?

I caught up with Angelica to ask her about her lifestyle as a Flight Attendant. 

Angelica was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and still resides there. Even though Brooklyn is her home, Angelica leaves often as she works as a flight attendant. Angelica also loves to escape to islands to swim in the sea, scuba dive and discover the different islands there and is a travel writer at Brooklyn Chick Travels where she shares the best islands, beaches, and waterfronts, helping you to find your paradise!

So working as a flight attendant sounds like a pretty cool job and you get to travel a lot! What made you decide to work as a flight attendant and how did you make it happen?

Being a flight attendant is the perfect mix of travel, customer service and psychology. I have two Master’s in Psychology and worked in the field for 7 years before leaving for the airline. Travel became a much bigger passion for me over time but I wanted to keep having interaction with others. The funny part is, I stumbled upon my friends’ Facebook page who used to be a flight attendant and that’s how the idea came to me to apply!

angelica aruba

OK, so becoming a flight attendant sounds like a glamorous, jet setting job but what’s the reality?

Well, it can be glamorous but other times not so much. It is what you make it honestly. Waking up at 4am and working for 10 hours straight is not the best part of the job but staying at top hotels and being driven around in limos is a perk. Depending on how one handles their finances and their family situations, some flight attendants jetset more frequently to see the world while others are trying to catch a flight home to their second job or family.

So what do you like the best about life as a flight attendant ?

The best part is being able to book a flight 5 minutes before the gate closes and be able to get on – nothing can beat that!

working as a flight attendant

And what has been the greatest challenge?

Medical emergencies for sure. You have to be on point all the time and act accordingly to what happens, even if it’s someone complaining of abdomen pain. There are different protocols for different symptoms and you hope no one has a heart attack or stroke.

Do you have one standout highlight, achievement or a favourite destination?

I am approaching my 1 year work anniversary and have not ‘called out’ for work at all! That is probably my best achievement so far as I luckily have not had “crazy” moments on flights to manage.

Favorite destination – Caribbean. So many islands everywhere in close distances to each other! The scuba diving is great. The choice of luxurious retreats or budget islands is plentiful for both.

ang scuba


But nothings perfect right? Are there any downsides?

Not being able to speak to your family and friends during long days can be rough. That phone stays on Airplane Mode all day sometimes. Missing saying “goodnight” to the one you’re with because you flew in too late sucks too. You never want to get stuck somewhere on your “go home” day. Ahem, boo you snowdays!

What do you wish you had known before you started working as flight attendant?

I wish I knew about the perks earlier! Maybe I would have switched careers earlier but all in all, my timing worked out perfectly for me.

OK, what about the future? Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

I’ll still be with the airline for sure and travel write at the same time in my (hopefully) future condo in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I see so many people from all types of careers switch to working for airlines and it is quite easy to have a family at the same time. Babies will wait though! I will have written a book, maybe be chosen as a speaker for an event, and I’ll continue to be happy with my life.

I’ll continue to fly, travel with my soon to be husband, I hope to own a condo at that time and have my eye on a second, and have written a book.

angelica flamingo

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, what tips would you give for people wanting to follow in your footsteps and become a flight attendant?

I would recommend working for a regional airline if you want to be home half the week like I am. Use the benefits to fly internationally on your days off. Have the talk with your significant other early on before interviewing – you don’t want to go home half way through training because he or she can’t stand you being away for so long. Know that your schedule will not be the best the first few or several months starting, because you are the newbie, but there is a lot of turnover so you will grow in seniority quickly. Also, if you don’t want to be in the airlines, look out for airfare sales on Facebook, there are plenty!

Thanks Angelica! Keep on enjoying your travels.

From surfing and scuba diving instructors, to teaching English, tour guiding, freelance writing and even busking – there are many ways to get paid to travel check out the other working abroad interviews to find out how!

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