Get Paid To Travel: 17 Ways to Make Money Traveling

Want to make money traveling, get paid to travel so you can travel forever!?

The truth is however much you travel cheap and even travel for free  eventually if you want to travel forever you will need to earn some money. Luckily there are many ways that you can actually make money traveling and get paid to travel. Once you do this there’s nothing to stop you from traveling forever! 🙂

Travel doesn’t have to be expensive and, in fact, travelling can be cheaper than maintaining a life in the UK, US or Australia so you don’t actually need to earn as much money as you did at home to keep you comfortable in some of the cheapest places to travel like South East Asia, India and Central America where you can travel comfortably for as little at US$15 or $20 a day!

It’s totally possible to travel more than you work ( I’ve been doing this for over 3 years now) and there are numerous ways to make money traveling abroad with a little creativity.

Get Paid to Travel - 17 ways to earn money while traveling so that you can travel forever!

Whether you work a job abroad, work online as a digital nomad,  set up your own business, teach a talent or skill you have or just do odd jobs there are many ways to make money traveling all around the world.

Plus, if you travel slow by working, volunteering or living abroad it’s likely that you will spend even less on a daily basis and get a deeper immersion into the local culture and make connections with local people leading to a more affordable and more meaningful experience!

I’ve also been interviewing people who have done just this and make money traveling. Check out the interviews for their expert tips and a fascinating insight into their exotic lifestyles. If you’re working abroad and would like to be interviewed contact me for your chance to be featured here!

Ways to Make Money Traveling:

#1. Teach English

Teaching English abroad is probably the most popular way to make money traveling. English is still the language of the world and so many people want and need to learn English. If you are native English speaker with a degree and a TEFL certificate you can make decent money teaching abroad, especially in Asian countries where ESL teachers are in high demand but even if you don’t met these requirements you could still enjoy the rewards and challenges of teaching English. A great resource to find out more about teaching English overseas and look for jobs is Daves ESL Cafe or check out How To Teach English in China and Save $21,000 in a Year.

See more in an Interview with an English Teacher in Taiwan, How to Teach English and work your way around the world, and What its’like teaching English in South Korea. 

teach english in thailand

Get paid to teach English to cute kids in places like Thailand

#2.Be a Tour Guide

If you’re an experienced traveler and have good people skills then you could make money traveling and be paid for leading a group of travelers around your favourite countries, inspiring them with your knowledge, bringing the destination to life for them and making sure they have the time of their lives while you get paid! Read on to see Would being a Tour Guide would be the right job for you? 

See more in an Interview with a Tour Guide

#3. Work on a Cruise Ship

Working and living on the high seas on a cruise ship, making sure the guests are satisfied and exploring the exotic locations that the ship docks almost sounds too good to be true. Find out if life working on a cruise ship is really as glamorous as it seems in this interview about working on cruise ships.

working on a Cruise Ship

work aboard a cruise ship

#4. Get a Working Holiday Visa 

Many countries have reciprocal programs where young people (usually 18 – 30) can travel and work in another country for 1 or 2 years giving you plenty of time to really explore whilst also topping up your travel funds. Eligibility depends on nationality but popular destinations are Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK. There is even a working holiday visa scheme for Hong Kong!

If you want to make money traveling Australia then download my FREE guide for a working holiday in Australia now.


#5. Pick Fruit

Fruit picking is perhaps the stereotypical backpacker job and another popular way to make money traveling. From picking wine grapes in France or Italy to picking veggies in England, working on a farm in New Zealand or picking fruit in Australia, there are many options if you don’t mind repetitive work and getting your hands a little dirty.

grape picking work

Work your way around the world following the harvest

#6. Work as an Au Pair

If you love children then working as an au pair could be a really rewarding job. Spend time as part of a local family looking after the children, helping around the house and getting to know the local culture. This is not only a good way to make money traveling but if you live with the family you’ll probably be able to save lots of money for travel too. 

#7. Bar or Hospitality Work

Hospitality jobs are available all over the world – people always need somewhere to sleep and someone to fed them. Work with tourists in holiday resorts in house keeping and slick city hotels or get to know the locals from behind the bar in a country pub. See my experience Working in a Rural Aussie Pub.

me working pub rum

Working in an Aussie country pub

#8. Work Remotely as a Digital Nomad

Grab your laptop and take your job on the road male money traveling by working freelance and remotely in web design, programming, freelance writing and social media management, graphic design, illustration, marketing and consulting just to mention a few. Check out UpWork for freelancing opportunities.

Get some great tips from people who are already doing this and living the life of their dreams in an these Interviews with Digital Nomads   and learn How to work and travel as a freelance copywriter. 

#9. Become a Travel Writer/ Photographer or Blogger

Often thought of as the dream jackpot travel job where you get paid to travel the world and make money traveling for just a few hours working from a tropical beach. The reality is alot harder work than it seems, you need to wear a lot of hats and put in a lot of work but it can be immensely rewarding if you can make it worthwhile. Here’s a great guide on How to Become a Professional Travel Blogger.

Find out how to travel the world and get paid as a travel blogger in this interview with Goats on the Road about How to become a Travel Blogger and check out a Day in my Life as a Travel Blogger in Goa. 

Working remotely as a digital nomad

Working remotely as a digital nomad

#10. Resort or Travel Rep

Live and work in a summer holiday resort making sure the guests have everything they need from front desk to entertainment, house keeping to customer service or restaurant and bar work.

#11. Work a Ski Season

If you love the white stuff and the fresh mountain air then working as a ski or snowboard instructor is an amazing chance to make money traveling and get paid to be out on the slopes all day, if you’re not an expert skier yet then work in a chalet – cooking, cleaning and looking after a group of guests is a popular ski season job.

work as a ski instructor

Spend the day getting paid to be on the slopes

#12. Teach your Talents to others

If you have a talent then get creative – other people want to learn and you could make money traveling by teaching skills like yoga or massage, surfing or cookery, or dance and musical instruments. You could also try to sell your photographs online, paint or make crafts to sell online or at a market,  If you don’t have a talent there are plenty of courses where you can learn, often for a reasonable price abroad, from yoga in India to Thai massage to the Tango in Argentina or even the Aussie didgeridoo.

See an interview with Chris – a traveling surf instructor  and  Kach – a traveling yoga teacher and masseuse 

Teaching Yoga in Ubud, Bali. Photo Credit: Nailya Akhundova

Teaching Yoga in Ubud, Bali. Photo Credit: Nailya Akhundova

#13. Sell Stuff Online or at the Market

If you’re always making your friends jealous of all those funky accessories, one off pieces of jewelry, crafts, clothes and trinkets that you buy at bargain prices in the markets of Asia then why not start selling unique items at local markets or online – start with ebay or gumtree and see how you go. Or even get creative and try making items yourself.

Will from the Broke Backpacker tells us how to make money from selling souvenirs and hear about Ryan who set up an online clothing store in Thailand.  

#14. Busking

Got musical talent? Take your guitar, pick a street corner and lay out your hat, if you can entertain the masses their loose change could really add up. Or ask restaurants or resorts if they need any entertainment staff. This is a great way for musical types to make money traveling but check the local rules on busking before you start as some places require busking permits.

See more in an Interview with a Busker

busking to make money while traveling

Busking at the Edinburgh Festival

#15. Scuba Diving Instructor

Base yourself on a paradise island,  get qualified as a PADI scuba instructor and spend your days swimming with the fishes under the seas and helping other travelers explore the wonders of the underwater world. 

See more in an Interview with a Scuba Diving Instructor  

work as a scuba dive instructor to earn money abroad

Earn money but teaching others to dive and spend your days underwater

#16. Ask for a transfer with your current company

If you love your current industry then why not look to work for an international company and, once established, ask for a transfer to the Sydney, Hong Kong or Singapore branch..

#17. Work anywhere in Europe

Don’t forget that if you’re a citizen of the European Union you have the amazing oppotunity to live and work anywhere else in the EU and make money traveling without having to go through any complicated visa processes – you can work any job and live anywhere in Europe. The hardest part would be deciding where to go!

work anywhere in europe

Work in Europe… the possibilities could be endless

So now you’ve got some ideas of ways you can travel for free and how you can make money traveling the world. So what’s holding you back now? 

Tell me your story and get featured!

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