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Hi, I'm Phili, a gypsy boho nomad traveller with a creative streak that comes out all sorts of weird and wonderful ways! :) I'm originally from Australia, and have been part-time globe trotting since 2010, and made the decision to make this my full-time lifestyle in 2015. Since then I've been living & travelling across Asia (India in particular).

My Pick of the 5 Best Yoga Retreats in India for Beginners

The 5 Best Yoga Retreats in India for Beginners As the birthplace of yoga there couldn’t be any better place to learn yoga or take a yoga retreat than India! There’s a multitude of reasons to consider yoga retreats in India, its the birthplace of yoga so you’ll go straight......

The Best Places to Stay in Ubud: Insider’s Guide 2023

An Insider’s Guide to Where to Stay in Ubud for 2023 As the cultural and spiritual heart of ‘The Island of the Gods’ with stunning rice terraces, luscious jungles and beautiful temples, Ubud is definitely one of the must see places in Bali. From incredible luxury resorts hidden in the......

The 5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Brisbane

The Best Backpacker Hostels in Brisbane Sunny Brisbane city is well known for it’s year round perfect climate and close proximity to heaps of natural beauty spots. The river city is situated between the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, and surrounded by the Moreton Bay Islands. There’s plenty of culture......

5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Byron Bay, Australia

5 Best Backpacker Hostels in Byron Bay Magical Byron Bay is home of the hippies, the surfers and the free spirits, it’s a place that’s world famous for it’s good vibes! On the streets you’ll find music artists playing on every corner, and gypsy sellers with their handicrafts. At sunset,......

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