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How to Work and Travel as an Au Pair

How to Work and Travel as an Au Pair: The perfect travel job if you love kids! I love finding out about how people fund their travels and work around the world. In the latest of my working abroad interview series I’m talking to Alison about her experience working as......

How to Start your own Travel Magazine: An Interview with Nikki Scott from SEA Backpacker Magazine

How to Start your own Travel Magazine If you’re creative, the number of ways in which you can travel and work are endless. I’m really stoked to be interviewing Nikki Scott, the founder and editor of the popular SEA Backpacker Magazine about how she funds her travels. An Interview with Nikki......

How to Work and Travel as a Freelance Digital Media Professional

How to Work and Travel as a: Freelance Digital Media Professional An Interview with Mili Ani from Mililand Nowadays there are so many options for working remotely as a digital nomad there’s no need to be stuck to a desk job in your home country. Thousands of digital nomads are taking......

How I Afford To Travel Full Time (& How You Can Too!)

I get a lot of comments and emails asking how I afford to travel full time since 2012. So I thought it was about time I told you exactly how I afford to travel and give you some ideas about how you could afford to travel too! After many months......

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