My Soul Healing Surf and Yoga Retreat in Morocco with Surf Berbere

My Experience at a Surf and Yoga Retreat in Morocco

As the sound of the gently crashing waves below outside my window lull me into a blissfully exhausted sleep I know that I made the right decision to come on a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco in the small, surf mad but ultra chilled fishing town of Taghazout.

I’d dreamed of visiting Morocco for years, always loved the ocean and wanted to learn how to surf and I’ve got really into my yoga practice since spending so much time in India.

So a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco sounded like the perfect holiday where the sun, surf, yoga and like minded company would soothe my soul and lift my spirits whilst also learning a new skill.

When I read This American Girl’s blog posts about Surf Berbere and watched this video I was sold!

Why I needed this retreat

The last year has been challenging for me with personal and relationship troubles and then getting typhoid and spending a scary time in an Indian hospital. After all this drama I needed a break and time to reconnect with myself and reassess what I wanted from life.

I needed to get away from everything but I didn’t want go on yet another solo trip, sightseeing alone sometimes feels a little empty and meaningless, especially just after a break up.

Taghazout, Morocco
Taghazout, Morocco

The Surf Camp in Taghazout

I booked a weeks Surf and Yoga package with Surf Berbere, one of the leading surf camps in Taghazout. I found a cheap Ryan Air flight to Agadir airport and was picked up by Surf Berbere team and driven the 30 mins to the small, surf mad, former hippie destination, fishing village of Taghazout.

This area of Morocco has many famous surf breaks like Anchor Point, Killer Point, Imsouane, Boilers, La Source, Hash Point and Panoramas. There’s waves to suit all levels and the area is great for beginners like me as there are plenty of sandy beach breaks that are safe and easy for beginners to practice catching waves

Morocco is not an easy country for a solo female traveller but the small blue and white winding lanes and beaches of laid back Taghazout are the perfect, no hassle, chilled out respite and world away from the hassle in the souks of the big cities.

Morocco is not an easy country for a solo female traveller but the small blue and white winding lanes and beaches of laid back Taghazout are the perfect, no hassle, chilled out respite and world away from the hassle in the souks of the big cities.

Once in Taghazout I was shown into my quirky, ocean front, 2 bedroom apartment at the Surf Berbere surf house which I shared with 3 other surf mad girls who soon all became close friends and quickly eased into my new routine of eat, surf, yoga, sleep, repeat.

The view over Taghazout from my apartment in the Surf Berbere surf house

Eat, Surf, Yoga, Sleep, Repeat: A Day in my Life at Surf Berbere

My surf and yoga retreat in Morocco and my days at Surf Berbere started with a tasty and healthy buffet breakfast with the surf family overlooking the ocean before we grabbed our boards and wetsuits and jumped into the minivan to scout out the best waves and surf spots – everyday we would drive across the beautiful, rugged coast to visit a different beach to find the very best waves.

After settling at the chosen beach for the day we would warm up and split into smaller groups for surf lessons based on our ability. Lunch was then delivered to the beach and afternoons were spent surfing or just chilling on the beach before all too soon it was time to get back in the van.

When you’re tired of surfing you can always take a camel ride!

Back at the surf house there was time for a quick shower before a relaxing sunset yoga class on the rooftop to stretch out those sore muscles from surfing and meditate in the most amazing location I’ve experienced yet for a yoga class.

Sunset yoga sessions at Surf Berbere

The freshly cooked 3 course group dinners on the rooftop of the surf house overlooking Taghazout were another highlight of my time at Surf Berbere – every evening we would all get together to discuss the days surfing and life in general before falling into bed, blissfully exhausted, and being lulled to sleep by the sound of the waves below ready for the next day of surfing.

Group dinners on the rooftop

You can’t stop the waves, but you can learn how to surf

I had only tried surfing once in Bali where I had no idea what I was doing but I just rented a board and went out the ocean only to get knocked over by the waves and lose my confidence.

Surfing is more physically tiring and a lot harder than it looks so I really recommend taking at least a few lessons or even better, if you are really serious about want to learn how to surf, then a week long surf camp will help you advance much quicker.

There were surfers of all ages, background and abilities at Surf Berbere. I was a complete beginner and quite nervous but that was no problem, I was in great hands!

The surf instructors – Yossef, Ilyas and Rashid are really fun, friendly, awesome guys that are not just instructors but also became great friends that I’m still in touch with. They are also really good at teaching even complete beginners how to surf.

At first I found myself getting scared by the waves and ending up in what they call the washing machine but my surf instructor Youssef was super patient with me.

He showed me how to be safe in the water, how to get out to sea without expending too much precious energy getting knocked back and under by the incoming waves and really helped me to gain my confidence. Youssef spent ages in the water with me finding me the perfect wave to catch.

Youseff – my awesome surf instructor

I was really lucky because on my first day we went to Imsouane/ Immesouane, an authentic fishing port and famous surf spot. Imsouane is home to one of the longest right hand waves in the world and is great for beginners.

You can ride the wave for 600m and instead of paddling back out just walk back up the beach. Even if you don’t manage to catch a wave it’s a beautiful place and when you’re tired of surfing a lunch of fresh, grilled fish right off the boat is a treat.


Amazingly on my very first attempt I managed to stand up and ride the wave all the way to the beach! Maybe it was beginners luck because it took me another 2 days to recreate the high of catching that first perfect wave but even though I fell down so many times I stuck at it and by the end of the week I was able to stand up on most waves and started to learn how to turn.

I’m not a pro surfer by any means but I’m so pleased with the progress I made in a week and that I can stand up on a surf board and the best thing is that I feel confident enough now to rent a surf board and play around practising in the white water on my own. I’m already dreaming of coming back and tackling those green waves though!

Me catching a wave!

Surfing taught me a lot about life, the unpredictability of the ocean and nature of surfing teaches you to be humble to the forces of nature and to learn how to fall down, get wiped out and get back up and try again, and again, and again.

But what doesn’t challenge you, doesn’t change you! Surfing requires you to be fully present and focused and once you manage to catch a wave then you’re truly in the moment and at one with nature. Now I can understand why surfing is like a spiritual experience for some.

After a week of sun, surf, yoga, great food and great company I felt right at home with my Surf Berbere surf family – I’d had fun, was pleased with my progress and felt healthy, rejuvenated and ready to tackle life again like it was the next wave to catch.

My Surf Berbere surf family!

The only problem is now I’ve really caught the surfing bug now and I can’t believe it’s taken me so long in life to learn how to surf. I’m going to miss the surfing and the Surf Berbere family so much! I’m already planning a return trip and thinking about more retreat holidays or even spending a few months in Bali for the surf and yoga!

You can join Surf Berbere for a week long surf and yoga package which includes accommodation, all meals, 5 surf lessons, board and wetsuit hire and 5 sunset yoga classes from £430 per week. You can also just join for a few days. Find more info on their website

Surfers at Hash Point in Taghazout right in front of the Surf Berbere cafe

Tips for a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco

  • Taghazout is kind of a 1 street town, there are plenty of cafes, hostels, hotels and small stores but there are no ATMs in Taghazout so its best to get cash out at the airport but Surf Berbere can also swing by the ATM after a days surfing.
  • It’s also hard to buy alcohol in Taghazout so it’s best to ask to pick some up on your way from Agadir but if you forget, or run out, the Surf Berbere can take you on a booze run if you need.
  • When’s the best time to come for a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco? Anytime is good for beginners but for more advanced surfers the best waves and the peak season is in the Winter time around October – April.

  • When I was there in September there weren’t really any waves in Taghazout itself (and there are rocks so its not best for beginners) so you’ll need to get someone to drive you out to the surf you can’t just expect to rock up in town and surf right there all the time. The guys at Surf Berbere are great because they will drive you out to wherever the surf conditions are best that day.
  • If you’re a more experienced surfer, don’t need lessons and don’t fancy doing a whole surf and yoga retreat in Morocco then you can just get surf guiding with Surf Berbere to take you out to the best surf spots.
  • Even though it’s hot in Morocco you’ll be surfing in the Atlantic so you’ll want a wetsuit for a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco. Surf Berbere provides wetsuit hire but if you’ve got your own then bring it.
  • The nearest airport to Taghazout is Agadir, but Marrakech is only about 3 hours away too.
Streets of Taghazout

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Have you tried learning to surf or been on a surf and yoga retreat in Morocco? I’d love to hear about your experiences!




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Swell Surf Camp October 13, 2018 at 1:29 pm

Cool blog Anna.

Let me know if you are ever in the Dominican Republic on a surf trip

Anna October 14, 2018 at 2:43 pm

Thanks! 🙂 I’ve never been to the Dominican Republic but it sounds gorgeous!

Indonesia Holiday Surfer June 4, 2019 at 12:59 pm

Great post.. I love this! I’ve only surfed once in Hawaii but it was an absolute blast, and this seems like a great experience. I would love to get a picture like that of me cruising through some waves!

Anna July 1, 2019 at 5:10 pm

Thanks, yes it was great that they took so much time to both coach us in the water and take photos of us surfing. An amazing holiday! I can’t wait to surf again! 🙂

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