The 6 Best Places for Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

The 6 Best Places for Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Whether you’re embarking on a new career path as a yoga instructor, or you just want to deepen your personal yoga practice, learn about yogic philosophy or simply find out more about yourself joining yoga teacher training in Thailand is well worth considering. Yes, India and Bali have traditionally been the hotspot for a YTT , but the tropical jungles, spectacular beaches, friendly locals, affordability and vibrant spirituality of Thailand make an excellent setting for this spiritual and transformative endeavour, and the world is catching on.

Thailand is known as the ‘land of smiles,’ as its locals are generous and kind, and make newcomers feel right at home. This joyful energy combined with the tranquil beaches, jungles and mountains of Thailand make it an excellent place to explore both as a yogi and a tourist. It’s also a much easier and hassle free country to travel than India. I’ve lived in Koh Phangan and been to Thailand so many times I’ve lost count so to make your search easier I wanted to put together my favourite places for yoga teacher training in Thailand!

Life in Koh Phangan

The best destinations to do a yoga teacher training in Thailand

There are YTTs all over Thailand but the best and most popular locations for yoga teacher training courses in Thailand are the beautiful islands of Koh Phangan, which is quickly turning into one of the world’s best yoga meccas, and Koh Samui in the south, and the mystical city of Chiang Mai in the north which is the spiritual and cultural heart of Thailand.

There are countless incredible destinations to visit in Thailand. Check out my 1 month Thailand Itinerary if you’re also planning on traveling around this amazing country after the training – it would be such a shame not too!

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Tips for choosing where to do yoga teacher training in Thailand

If you’re tempted to take the plunge into an unforgettable yoga teacher training in paradise, you’ll want to thoroughly research programs before deciding which one is right for you. Always make sure your YTT is Yoga Alliance approved and check out these things to look out for when choosing your YTT.

Yoga Teacher Training is a life changing experience but its also big business nowadays and some schools are more about profit than anything else. There have even been reports of sexual abuse in some places like Agama so it’s really important to do your research – you want your YTT to be an investment and life changing experience for the right reasons!

I think is unbeatable when comparing different programs. They provide thorough descriptions of yoga teacher training programs around the world all in one place and the best part is that you can read real reviews by previous students.

Yoga teacher training is challenging physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If you’re not sure you’re ready yet or want a more relaxing escape then there are also many excellent yoga retreats in Thailand.

Here are 6 of the Best Places for Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand

Wonderland Healing Center, Koh Phangan

Located on the tropical island of Koh Phangan, Wonderland Healing Center offers a yoga teacher training program surrounded by lush Thai forests, waterfalls and breathtaking beaches. This yoga teacher training in Thailand is among the best, offering a 28-day, 200-hour program for beginner and intermediate levels.

The program includes two yoga classes a day, meditation sessions, and training on philosophy, methodology, anatomy of yoga and pranayama, bandhas, and kriyas. Yoga styles include yin, kundalini, vinyasa, Nidra, Hatha, and acro. Daily vegan buffet meals, including a coconut or smoothie, clean tropical resort accommodations with sauna and pool, yoga books and a yoga mat are all included. The experienced teachers who go the extra mile make this a one of a kind experience for your yoga teacher training run in collaboration with Nirodha Yoga tat has been running YTT’s for over 16 years in India. Click here for more details, photos, dates, prices, reviews and to book!

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Yoga Vidya Mandiram, Chiang Mai

One of the best schools in Rishikesh, India, also now offers programs in Thailand! Located in Chiang Mai, this centre is surrounded by rolling hills and tropical greenery around every corner. If you’re looking for a more spiritual yoga teacher training in Thailand, this 22 day, 200-hour Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa program may be a great fit.

This comprehensive program boasts a cross-cultural and modern spin on traditional yoga teacher training. Instructors design highly intensive sessions to transmit authentic knowledge of yoga and meditation from the ancient Indian Vedic scriptures to help you lead a healthy and happy lifestyle. With many different yoga styles including Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Nidra, Karma, Japa and lessons on kriyas, mantras, philosophy, anatomy and Ayurveda, homemade vegan meals and satsang sessions, you’ll love the spiritual focus and rejuvenating quality of this intensive program.

The program also includes cultural activities like visiting ancient Buddhist temples, hiking Thailand’s highest mountain range and enjoying a traditional Northern Thai dinner with Thai cultural performance. The training is held on a private farm and accommodation is in comfy dorm rooms in a traditional Thai-style wooden house or you can pay a bit extra and opt for a private room in a nearby guesthouse. See more details, dates, prices, reviews and book here!


Anahata Yoga Shala, Koh Phangan

If your dream is to complete a yoga teacher training in Thailand with sand in your toes and an ocean breeze in your hair, take a look at the comprehensive 29-day, 200-hour program at Anahata Yoga Shala. The island of Koh Phangan provides a true paradise setting while you dive into yoga classes for all levels in hatha, vinyasa, yin, restorative and tantra styles. You’ll also learn all about the chakras, kriyas, pranayama, bandhas, mantras, mudras and get introduced to yogic lifestyle, health and nutrition, reflexology, Reiki and Vedic astrology.

Beach side accommodation is a tropical resort and a daily healthy vegan brunch is included in the course and you will also have time to try out the nearby local Thai restaurants. If you want to complete a YTT and also experience unforgettable activities like snorkelling, parasailing, and stargazing on a paradise island, check out this incredible program now. See more details, photos, dates, prices, reviews and book here!

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Path of Yoga, Chiang Mai

If you’re up for a more advanced yoga teacher training in Thailand, this 27 day, 200-hour YTT in Chiang Mai caters to intermediate and advanced students. This program focuses on Tantra, Vinyasa, and Hatha yoga styles taught by experienced yoga instructors from around the world. Paths of Yoga practically apply and blend traditional philosophy and sacred traditions of the East with modern sports science.

You’ll learn about the history and philosophy of yoga, anatomy and the science of breath work, mind, meditation and the subtle energy body. There’s also teaching practice every day and ,by the end of the program, you’ll have a certification from Yoga Alliance and all the skills to embark on your yoga teaching journey.

Just 45 minutes from the Chiang Mai airport, the location of this program provides unparalleled convenience. You’ll get access to a pool, spa treatment, personalised attention from instructors, and vegetarian meals throughout the day. You’ll also experience special activities throughout your stay such as chanting, massage, and meditation.See more details, dates, prices, reviews and book here!

Ulu Yoga, Koh Phangan

If you’re looking for a fun, multi style teacher training in a small timescale then this 21-day, 200-hour yoga teacher training in Thailand could be perfect. Ulu Yoga is located on a private beach in the north of the stunning island of Koh Phangan. This program boasts a dynamic selection of courses in Hatha, Vinyasa, Acro, Ariel and even SUP yoga styles for beginner and intermediate level yogis.

You’ll get access to Yoga Alliance standard lectures, teachers from a wide variety of backgrounds, and fun activities such as kitesurfing, beach yoga, kirtan, ecstatic dance and tours of temples. Through their courses, you’ll get a unique and detailed look at alignment and anatomy and experience a high-quality training in aerial yoga in addition to the other styles.

The accommodation is situated in Bounty Resort, which has a swimming pool, 3 beaches and a beautiful ocean view yoga shala. Breakfast is included and you’ll also get the chance to explore healthy and delicious restaurants in the surrounding area. You can also just pay tuition and self-book accommodation if you want to save money. See more details, dates, prices, reviews and book here!

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The Yoga Mat School, Koh Samui,

The Yoga Mat School has a yoga teacher training in Thailand that is among the most popular offers out there. Located in Koh Samui, this program is a 26-day, 200-hour intensive teacher training for all levels in Hatha, yin, and vinyasa styles. You will also get to explore Kundalini, Nidra, Metta and Eccentric Dance style yoga and be immersed in yogic philosophy and history, anatomy and physiology, asana, pranayama, healthy living, developing a home practice, ethics, chakras, mantras, meditation, teaching methodology, and practicum.

The program features 5 star accommodations right on the beach, a pool, a restaurant with room service, and a magical garden to explore. The deluxe rooms even have a deep soak jacuzzi bath perfect to relax in after a hard day of yoga training. You’ll get access to multi-lingual teachers, free kayaking, bikes, and scooters, and courses that go beyond yoga to encompass healthy living, ethics, physiology, and more. Enjoy a luxury experience in paradise while taking advantage of everything this dynamic teacher training program has to offer. See more details, dates, prices, reviews and book here!


Have you been to an amazing YTT in Thailand? Leave your recommendations in the comments below the post and help out other yogis and travellers! 😊

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