My Pick of The 5 Best Surf Camps in Bali

The 5 Best Surf Camps in Bali

This little Indonesian island, known for its beautiful beaches and those endless, barrelling waves offers some of the best places to surf in the world. There’s an abundance of wondrous beaches and world class surf breaks to choose from and a thriving surf scene on the island so it’s no wonder really that Bali has been hailed as a surfers paradise. The pros may look easy but surfing can be really tricky so if your serious about learning to surf or enhancing your current surfing ability then I’d really recommend signing yourself up for one of the many surf camps in Bali.

The first time I tried to surf was in Kuta, Bali a few years ago and I sucked as I didn’t know what I was doing and didn’t feel confident in the water. Last year I took a weeks surf and yoga retreat in Taghazout, Morocco which got me standing up on the board and confident in the sea in no time so when I returned to Bali I felt much more confident and have now been learning how to turn and tackling the green waves. I’m still far from being a pro but trust me – having a surf instructor and spending time immersed in the surf lifestyle at one of the surf camps in Bali really helps if you’re serious about learning to surf.

Me catching a wave!

Bali first emerged on the global surfing scene in the late 1960s, and since then, it has become one of the most popular surf hangouts and a prime destination for surfers from around the world. Some of the most globally well-known surfing spots that are just perfect for beginners and can be enjoyed by all skill levels alike are – Echo Beach (Canggu), Padang Padang, (Uluwatu), Kuta Beach (Kuta), Old Man’s (Canggu) and Medewi (Pulukan). However, there really seems to be no end of prime surfing spots wherever you go on this island!

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If you are a beginner surfer or at a novice ability level, it can be a bit daunting trying to research which are the best areas for surfing for beginners and which camps could cater for beginners through to more experienced surfers. To help you take out the hassles of doing all that research, I’ve put together the following list below of the best surf camps in Bali that are suitable for beginners and all skill levels. You can also search for surf camps on and see photos, details of lessons and accommodation and most importantly read real reviews before booking your surfing holiday.  

Here’s My Pick of the Best Surf Camps in Bali:

stormrider surf camp best surf camps in bali

Stormrider Surf Camp pool area, Canggu, Bali.

1. Stormrider Surf & Yoga Camp, Canggu

Stormrider Surf Camp offers a great combination of personalised surf lessons and progression coaching suited for all ages and all skill levels, plus daily yoga classes. This is the perfect duo for travellers who enjoy being active and adventurous! Stormrider’s accommodation is located within a short walking distance to the well-known surf spot, Echo Beach where lessons are held.

If you’re interested in checking out a bit of Canggu whilst you’re on camp, the accommodation is also the perfect base, as it’s surrounded by a smorgasbord of the most trendy restaurants, bars and cafes. The Balinese styled rooms are super comfortable, cosy and quiet, perfect for relaxing after a day’s surfing, and there’s amazing daily breakfasts included too. Stormrider’s is by far one of the best (and my personal favourite!) of all the surf camps in Bali! Click here to check out their raving reviews, pictures and book yourself in for a camp.


Kamafari Surf Camp

Kamafari Surf Camp breakfast hangout, Uluwatu

2. Kamafari Surf Camp, Uluwatu

Kamafari Surf Camp is located in what the locals know as Padang Padang aka the “Balinese Pipeline”, a beautiful white-sanded stretch of beach in the Bukit Peninsular. The accommodation is really nice, and includes both breakfast and dinner daily, but what really makes this surf camp special is the family vibes, the coaches and people attracted to this camp are all the kind of upbeat, motivated, adventurous people you imagine to meet on such a camp, and you may just end up leaving with some new life-long pals! For good vibes, Kamafari is definitely one of the best surf camps in Bali! 

The surf lessons are great for beginners as well as seasoned surfers, the instructors are able to customise sessions to suit everyone’s need and classes are not generally overcrowded with only a handful of people heading out at a time. Kamafari is also close to the iconic Uluwatu Temple, Jimbaran Bay and some of the best cliff-top views! Click here to read through their great reviews, flick through their photos and make a booking.


Endless Summer Camp

Endless Summer Camp Kuta, campers gather around their instructor before heading out

3. Endless Summer Camp, Kuta, Bali

Endless Summer hotel and surf camp is located right in the middle of Kuta and close to all the best surf breaks that Bali is most famous for! Accommodation is really nice and comfortable and there’s plenty of communal areas for chilling and being social. And, another benefit of being in the heart of Kuta, is that there’s a pumping nightlife and all the best restaurants, cafes and shopping areas all on your doorstep.

These surf camps are suitable for everyone from beginners up to intermediate surfers and their experienced instructors are super energetic and enthusiastic, they really go the extra mile to make sure that everyone gets the most out of their camps. If you’re wanting to meet people, party it up and learn to surf then definitely Endless Summer is the best surf camp in Bali for you! Click here to read through their great review, check out pictures and book.


Solid Surf Camp

Solid Surf Camp pool area at nightime, Canggu

4. Solid Surf & Yoga House, Canggu, Bali

Solid Surf House has 3 surf schools all in prime surfing hotspots – Bali, Sri Lanka and Morocco. At Solid, they combine courses with yoga and surfing, there’s really no better combination for a camp! Solid’s pro instructors will take you to the best surf spots in the area and are able to tailor their training for all ability levels, from beginner to the most seasoned surfer.

There are 5 different key surfing spots all within a 1km radius of Solid Surf and Yoga House. And after all the day’s activities, it’s nice to kick back in the jacuzzi, pool and even watch a movie in their outdoor cinema. The jacuzzi and yoga not only make you feel blissful but also soothe any aching muscles after a days surfing.  Click here to read their top-notch reviews, browse photos and check yourself in!



Kima Surf Camp, campers hanging out by the pool, Canggu.

5. Kima Surf Camp, Canggu, Bali

With it’s stylish, boho-trendy accommodation, gorgeous rooms, bathrooms and facilities and a uber-cool atmosphere, Kima Surf Camp is one of the best surf camps in Bali and also a stylish places to hang out and meet like-minded people! Learn to surf or progress your current surfing abilities and enjoy making new friends out of your campmates at the same time.

Surf instructors are very knowledgeable, friendly, chill but they do take their surfing seriously! A plus point of Kima Surf Camp’s is that their instructors are so dedicated to helping people improve their surfing that they will often take people to different spots every day, depending on their skill level!  Click here to check reviews, photos and book yourself in for one of Kima’s surf camps!


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Have you been to one of these Bali surf camps? Do you have any more tips on the best places to learn to surf in Bali?

Leave a comment below and your recommendations can help out other travellers 🙂


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