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My Pick of The Best Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal (2024)

Nepal is a country of breath taking scenery, majestic mountains, enduring spirituality, and unique culture. Along with India, Nepal is considered to be one of the original homes of yoga, which also makes it one of the best places for yoga teacher training. Plus, the programs for yoga teacher training......

My Guide to Yoga Teacher Training in Greece (2024)

Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world with a fascinating history that dates back to 270,000 BC. It’s considered to be the cradle of Western civilization, but also has a more modern side to it, and it’s fast becoming one of the best places to do yoga......

My Guide To Yoga Teacher Training in Portugal (2024)

Portugal is a beautifully diverse country, both geographically and culturally. From the vibrant cities brimming with rich historical architecture and culture to the spectacular beaches and scenery, Portugal is bound to cast a spell on you. It’s one of the most loved destinations in Europe and also fast becoming one......

My Guide To Yoga Teacher Training In Spain (2024)

Sunny Spain boasts some of the best weather, scenery and cultural sites in Europe. It’s also the country with the biggest selection of yoga retreats and there are many amazing schools offering yoga teacher training in Spain. As well as being one of Europe’s most popular yoga retreat destinations, Spain......

My Guide to Yoga Teacher Training in Europe for 2024

If you’re considering doing yoga teacher training abroad, Europe should certainly be on your list. Nowhere else on the planet has so much rich culture, history, food and scenery so close together as Europe. This diversity makes it ones of the most exciting destinations on the planet and there’s also many......

Top Yoga Teacher Training Retreats in Costa Rica (2024)

The incredible biodiversity and abundance of nature means that Costa Rica is one of the best places to reconnect to nature and to yourself. So it’s not surprisingly that one of the top reasons to visit Costa Rica is to join a yoga teacher training retreat, in fact, it’s one......

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